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Merely Perfect. by editors

As the sufferers of massive head traumas / coupled with social awkwardness-candle lit vigil form five olympic rings in colors denoting the absurdly lucrative sponsorship of corporate charities to end various exotic diseases and social injustices, many of which the games' organizers help perpetrate by accepting the sponsorship of other corporations that sell poisoned similac to third world countries...

a Russian child is beaten, for being merely perfect.

As the spray-painted-white asphyxiating pigeon/dove of hope, chosen at random from a pit of a dozen other viable doves of hope, alights from the hands of the paraplegic tongueless singing dwarf, in doing so, spraying a feces rainbow of sensitivity towards, tolerance of, and patience with the quiet and different...

...a footballer grabs his penis and testicles, spits, curses, and then attempts to surreptitiously injure a member of his own team because of that man's race.

And a Chinese child is beaten, for being, merely.