Some Ideas for Movies. by editors

Kidnapped. A child is kidnapped and held for ten-thousand dollars ransom. When the kidnapper meets the child's parents to collect the money, he is arrested by the police.

Lottery. Five people from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds win the lottery. They all do something unwise and selfish with the money.

An Innocent Man. An innocent man is arrested and tried for a crime he didn't commit. During the trial, several pieces of exonerating evidence are presented by the defense and he is acquitted.

Typecast! A formerly famous actress, who can no longer get work as a result of being typecast in a hit show, attempts to capitalize on her misfortune with a new show, in which she portrays, cheekily reflexively, a 'formerly famous actress who can no longer get work as a result of having been typecast in a hit show.' The show fails because she's too old and unattractive.

Unethical Practices. A doctor learns that several of her colleagues have engaged in professionally unethical practices. She alerts the police and several health-related regulatory bodies; who, respectively, arrest them and revoke their medical licenses.

Stalked. A famous actress is stalked by a deranged fan. The courts defend his right to stalk her, so no one does anything about it and she is killed.

Second Career. Having lost his medical license, a doctor successfully pursues a second career not related to medicine in any way. (This might also work as a sequel to Unethical Practices.)

The Jury. A guilty man is arrested and tried for a crime he did commit, but is acquitted because he only left a partial thumbprint at the scene of the crime, and no one in the jury had ever seen that on Law and Order: SVU.

Crush. A shrimpy, unathletic, badly freckled, ginger haired and bespectacled high school underachiever from an exceedingly poor family harbors a painful crush on the beautiful school valedictorian. He never speaks to her; she goes on to Yale where she becomes engaged to a six-foot-four, handsome and athletic Law student and they live happily ever after.

Convicted. A rightfully convicted woman fails to escape from prison and is subsequently paroled.

Crush 2. The school's most beautiful and popular girl, who is somewhat emotionally stunted and perpetually requires, but also lacks, a strong paternal influence in her life; harbors a painful crush on the brilliant but physically unattractive and socially stigmatized school valedictorian. He eventually agrees to date her, but she becomes unhealthily attached to him so he ends it.

Bad Things. Bad things happen to good people, good things happen to good people, and good things happen to bad people, but bad things never happen to bad people.