Delayed Inverted Vertical Suplex to Facebreaker Knee Smash innovated and popularized by editors

Double underhook suplex—
countered in mid air!
Breaks the hold,
back to his feet,
but instantly laid out with a double leg takedown—
by editors,
who attempt a clumsy submission hold:
an inverted single-leg Boston crab;
he evades the hold with a kick to the forearm,
nearly as awkward.

Stumbles to his feet,
all on their feet now.

First an Irish whip,
countered again!
Flying to the ropes;
then leapfrogs over him,
sends him back to the ropes;
on his return,
raises a forearm,
catches him:
on the jaw,
but not the edge of the jaw.

now struggles to keep his footing:
the daze of it grants him a moment's reprieve!
Belly-to-belly suplex;
but with such velocity,
he's back to his feet,
though reeling.

Scoop slam,
the inverted crab applied,
well this time—
but he catches the ropes soon.

Backs up,
gives him room to get back to his feet,—
to run for a shoulder block!—
but caught with a shot to the gut!
Doubles over,
and for a moment the advantage is his,
but the stinging pain in the ankle keeps his attention,
takes it in his hand,
though still wary and watchful—
though not enough to avoid the headlock.

Brings him to the middle of the ring.
Puts it on good.
In a minute gets him down to one knee.
Hooks the arms:
now it's a full nelson;
inches to the ropes,
breaks it that way;
full nelson to full nelson slam.
To a pin:
but kicks out.

Drags him to his feet,
scoop slam,
pins him,
this time a lateral press,
kicks out.

Drags him up again,
applies the front facelock,
cinches it in,
holds for a moment:
bring him up for a suplex,
lands in an almost seated position,
for a brainbuster:
the cover again,
kicks out at two.

Sends himself running for the ropes,
comes back with a leg drop,
hooks the leg,

Grabs him by the hair,
lands a naked blow to the head,
sending him back down;
hooks both legs;
kick out at two:
brings him back to his feet.

Hip toss,
he recovers quickly,
another toss,
now on his back;
runs to the ropes,
comes back with a falling forearm;
hooks the leg and head...

Brings him to his feet,
another Irish whip,
Stopped in his tracks with a fist to the face;
slaps to the face and chest;
in the rush of adrenaline,
secures a Fireman's Carry—
but editors fight out of it,
break it,
reapply the front facelock;
bring him up for a suplex,
fall to one knee,
planting his face
on the knee raised—
move of their innovation—
hook of both legs...
and it's over.