Sunbear’s June Brides

A Massive Index of Embarrassment.
Imagine that all of that stuff we’ve deleted
that still lives in the cloud
was actually all in a very specifically designated
carefully labeled space in the cloud

Future generations would look back
and laugh at our fundamental incapacity
for destroying evidence
They would have no motivation to destroy our
massive index of embarrassment
they would be too focused on destroying their own
Drunk off of their own power of destroying evidence

American virtual life is very much the
unaccountable behavior of humans
who naively believe that everything can just be deleted

Future generations browse through it all
In the weird index of shame and embarrassment
Everything that was actually deleted was earmarked
as potentially interesting reading for future generations
And it was only when we made
the conscious decision to delete things
that they flew into place
in the carefully organized index of embarrassing shit

In an attempt to render them obsolete we consigned them
to what was only a kind of obsolescence
rendering them lost to us but not to the future indices
We never really deleted those things
we merely lost track of them

And who are the future generations
but the generations following the last generation
who weren’t all engaged in mass shootings in virtual life
Whose plan was always to coerce us
into building their palace of data
We’ve been deceived into doing the legwork
creating all of the data

And that’s going to be some kind of center of worship
in the future
The endless indices of nothing

Filmmakers’ Sons’ Gang.
Ridley Scott has a son (Jake)
who's a Professional Film Director
He's a bit of an auteur
When it comes to 90s music videos
(“Fake Plastic Trees”, “Lightning Crashes”,
“Everybody Hurts”)

Though I guess every Scott has a basic function
Like if you wanted an action movie say
but you didn't want it to take itself it too seriously
Then Tony would be useful for that
He could deliver something that felt professional
but it would have a flair about it of the idiotic

Ridley can do any kind of movie
but it’s always going to be kind of serious

Now let's say you want a music video
but you don't want it to be like a serious movie
Or a non serious movie
You don't actually want it to be like a movie at all
You want video footage without any filmic qualities
But still with the Tony Scott flair of the idiotic
Then you go to Jake

And maybe you also want it to have
kind of a floaty quality
Because you love floaty shit
Like a piece of shit
Floating in a toilet bowl
(There's a gang of filmmakers’ sons
And Jake is the ringleader)

Ass Cane.
Gentlemen’s Preferred® Dildos
Neanderthal’s Own™ Dildos...
Presents... Little Fatties
“Fat Little Dildos for Fat Little Adults”
Hutch Neidermayer’s Ass Cane

Cubano Surprise Unregistered
Firearm Dementia® AssMeat Plug

“I can recall the first time Hutch Neidermeyer
came into the patent office
with his briefcase
placed it down and popped that bad boy open
and weren’t nothing inside
but the first Ass Cane
crafted by hand By his own hands”

An Explosion of Cream in Every Bite™
Tube In Strap On Flop Out®

Strongled to depth
by Featherstone Gatheringcloud
Horse Grainger was
Big horse House horse
(House horse
is actually horse house
You know what goes on
in a horse house? Egg fun)
You ever had Full Egg?
Well you’ll be getting
full egg tonight, Stinkerbell