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3 poems by Jeremy Boyd, the first of which is called

if you had to watch an hour and a half film about yourself passively dying what would you do the second the credits start to roll?

I doubt you’d want to spend any time at all reading this poem

I imagine you’d want to do something like -
spend several minutes
trying to figure out the right angle for a sexy selfie
to send to your secret love

uncle bony’s corner
I bet
I coulda
broke Buddha’s ankles

I am extremely modern
I have world views and a Soundcloud
I recently became addicted to crumping

…I think in a previous life
I was someone’s Olive Garden leftovers

I am a rock star
I have been a rock star forever
But I’m JUST NOW publicly becoming a rock star

I am resplendent but my family doesn’t get it
so I live on stage
and in college apartment closets

I still love my Mom!
         (this message sponsored by a joint checking account)

sorry officer : I was high when I stole the duffel bag

when I tell my children :
‘be anything you want’
I will probably also say :
‘but not a rapist or lobbyist’

I think it’s safe to dangerously say
I have thought about tattooing
everything I ate for lunch
on my neck
         it would be funny to make
such a serious commitment to such an
ordinary thing

being introverted is like
a really good analogy
about being talented as fuck
on a pogo stick

I'm twenty-three and from Maryland. I just returned from four months in the future. I'm trying to publish my second poetry collection, called “Incomplet”, so if you like what you've read here, PUBLISH ME. I feel like a maniac. I guess follow me on Twitter @sp1it.