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AbileneJoni  Sheet Talkers
Abramson, LeeSpice Rhymes.
Acevedo Johnson, Evonne Three Collaborative Poems
Acuff, GaleChildhood Poems
Adeyeye, Adefisayo D.Dear Reader
Adkins, John GabrielThe Toothbrush Vanguard
Ahmed, HussainLived a Barbet.
Alaimo, Candice  Lovely
Allen, Ashlie3 Poems2 Poems
Allen, Daniel — 03/04
Allen, DerwinAs I arrived outside of hospital doors, body still tender and eyes still closed. My hands clenched and my mouth toothless.
Alti, NickGoat Mathematics.
Alvarado, BrianNor’Easter
Anand, AnkitaMidnight yearning.
Anderson, Paula  Dream Queen
Anderson-Bauer, Kaj  [Three Letters to Val Kilmer] • 10 Stories About My Friends
Andre, Vinca — “Twelfth sacrifice the mermaid sea(epilogue)”
AnonymousNever Running
Armstrong, Edward  The DarknessThe Great Mendacious JourneyJusticeLetter to Dorian

Armstrong, GlenCensor Bars.
Arnold, Jason Dean2 Poems
Arnott, Anthony3 Poems
Art, AmmanfordThe Manor
Ash, AliceJohn's Bride
Atkinson, David S.God Bless Us, Everyone
AW, AnthonyDid you like it? or (Gravity, space-time, and a water bottle drying)
Ayiah Mensah, Jacob KobinaInsupportable Haughtiness in Countenance.

BailyStephen  A History of the Russian Revolution
Baldwin, KyraBlack Shrunken Blemish
Banash, M.A.Antecedents and Accidents
Banul, ViktoriyaThe Bedroom with Shakespeare's Backs.
Barbare, Danny P.  3 Poems
Barbeito, Brian Michael  Looks Like RainBird, Dragonfly, and Soft Blonde (Waiting for the Divine Mother)
Barnes, Christopher Filming ‘Blood Shot Silk’ – Deleted Scenes (33, 35 and 36)The Market Stalls & others in a similar vein
Barrineau, Michael  Signs on the Road
Bateman, Oliver Lee  "Take it from me, kid"
Bawden, Gracie — FlowersEvaporation.
Beauchamp, Reba2 PoemsCalifornia I'd Bless Every Part.
Bedgood, ConnieHug God
Before, Born3 Poems.
Bego, Elvis  Medardo Meets His Maker. A True StoryDeath Comes with Whimsy
Bell, DorianYet-To Yielding.
Bella, Lana2 Poems
Ben, SimeonHot Pocket
Benedict, MarkWoodland Hall, Autumn 1981
Bennetts, Russell4 Poems
Berman, ShawnI Can Only Burp If I Think About All the People Who Turn Me On
Berntsen, Michael  The Bobble Glass Scholar
Bett, StephenCialis
Betz, LizShaving Fate
Bhardwaj, Bhupender KPermanent Brightness.
Bickerstaff, RussJohnny’s Vision Doesn’t Pay Rent
Biggs Chaney, Sara Two Ann Coulter Mash-Up Poems
Birdy, EstelleThe Archivist
Bishop, LiamAre Ghosts Real or Do They Just Send Signals?
Björkman, AjeSunbather
Blair, JennVacation.Consider the Earth.
Blan, Nathan“Canine”
Block, Larry  "Untitled" • "Poem?"
Blome, William C.3 Poems
Bloom, SamAn offering on the altar of commerce.
Blue GNo more fibs
Borg, Clyde L.2 Poems
Borg, Ehren William  A Field Guide to My Neighbor's Handlebar Moustache • The Cinematographer's Aboulia • Just a Little Bête Noire
Bowden, ClareYour Penis
Boyd, Jeremy3 Poems
Boyer, Stephen Parasite
Boylan, Bridgetthis chain that quickens into its
Bozon, Carla — "Me Too."
Bradley, J. — Dancing with Steinbrenner2 Poems
Bradley, Gracie Mae  Winterlight
Brame, Aaron I Should Have Been a Fighter.
Brandonisio, MichaelExcerpt from Diary of a Convalescent
Brennan, PatrickThe Edge of Daylight
Brickley, Horace  The Story of Albert Jameson • Writer's Bloc
Brierley, Gareth — That Thing I Do

Britt, AlanIn the Gaze of Quasimodo.
Brooks, Lee  "Scenes no. 1"
Brougher, HeathBlood Cacti.
Brown, Cindy LynnTango.
Brown, Derek  Grassland
Brown, Whalenfalling to falling to fall on the floor
Browne, MelanieAlice
Brownstein, Michael H.2 Poems
Brumback, ErichClimbing the World’s Tallest Radio Tower.
Buehler, Joseph2 Poems
Burns, J. W.Hike.
Bush, KarinaCloud III.
Butler, Virginia  Pore to Floor

Campanioni, ChrisNominative Absolute.
Capps, Madison  Nub Love
Carafice, Renee-Louise  "Strict Land"Buddy Would Have Been the One
Carew, DominicA Brazilian Sugar Mill
Carlberg, Amy2 PoemsDoes God Really Open a Window?
Carlton, BobA Debatable Necessity
Carsella, KateStatler & Waldorf Poetry CycleThe Fix: Professional Wrestling’s Current Moment
Case, Aaron  Nine-Hundred Luv-Talk • Pile of Dirt
Casey, Shannon  His Plan
Chadwell, SumikoHIM
Chakraborty, RohitMongoose
Champion, Jennifer Anne2 PoemsAxe Oil.
Chevalier, Joseph  Only Friend
Chin, MichaelThe Long Run.
Choate, Bill  The Adventures of Bob
Christmass, Shane Jesse — “They’re Usually Indifferent To Overcome”: An Aesthetic Statement on the Novel. (A Series of Image Scenes Tumbling Apart).Why Pulled Bandages Will Be Plucked from the Waiting Hall.A Goddamned Riot. Studiously Ignored in the Dry Swimming Pool. Sit Born Half a Million Years From Now. Detailed Report & Memoir: (Scrying Attempt).Excerpt #$$. from Acid Shottas
Cruttwell, Claudia  Cravings
Cojocaru, AnastasiaFour Poems
Coleman,  Evan  The Doorknob • Perritos • Connection Fading
Colby, Douglas — Flat Tires • Infinity"Who should ever write the poem"
Conger, Clay  Dad On Ice
Conrad, Jenna-Nichole2 PoemsPointing
Conway, TrevorThe Republic of Cliffony
Cooke, WesleyFab Four.
Corbett, Brian S.Handling Knives While Naked
Corcos, Ion3 Poems
Corrigan, Dawn3 Poems
Costa, Paul EdwardThe Wraithwood Ritual
Cox, Chancho  Eggs
Crain, Sparrow  The Quiet Opposite These Blooming Flowers • If Seal Is BrokenRelic
Crew Clay, Louie4 Poems
Crick, NatalieThe Moon.
Croal Jackson, JamesMonsoon Turbulence.
Crosby, GregoryMarket Rate and Siri, Where are the Snows of Yesteryear?
Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal, LuisKissing Nothing.
Cubed, Magen Flesh and Blood
Culpa, Felixrickroll
Culver, Andrew  Worlds of Steel

Dakin, Tiegan
3 Poems

Dao, Elsyd  Walltalk
Daugherty, JessicaGaps.I used to be afraid of who you think I am.
Davies, Christian  Mercy

Davis, JustinThe Park.
Day, Holly poetry submissionpoetry submission (2)
de Mox, R.S.W.The Other Bombs
Defoe, Kendall BeepHelp Wanted"Spring"My Love Is Like a Red, Red RoseYes, MasterThe ProfessorThe Old PlaceShould I Stay or Should I Go?Questions #1Questions #2Questions #3Questions #4Questions #5"What the Story Was"Questions #6Alas...Sophie's Big DayQuestions #7Past Due
Your Call Is Important to UsQuestions #8
DeHart, JD4 Poems
del Sur, RubinoSubfornical Organ
Demaree, Darren C.ADORATIONs No. 172 & 174
Deutsch, Adam5 Poems
Devitt, KatSecrets in the Poison
Dibben, Chance5 Poems
Dinsdale, ThomShe Listens to Rihanna
Dittu, Abraheem2 Poems
Dodds, Colin2 Poems
Doneen, DeanThe Represent poem cycle
Dorwaldt, Thomas Lana
Dotoli, Gregg“New York Spell”
Doyle, DarrinSnow, Lightly Falling
Draime, DougThe John Berryman & Hart Crane Dreams / Ode to Harry Langdon
Drew, Chris6 and 1/2 Poems
Drew, Cynthia  New York Romance
Dukowitz, ZaccThe Seeds
Dunbar, Max  Say Your Lesson   
Dupont, Azia“The Spider & I for Breakfast”
Durie, JonathanSea Breach
Durrett, Tyler — The Ghost of Texas 

Earnshaw, StevenIconoclasm of Modern Funeral Vignettes
Easterwood, Mathew C.Jane
editors  Merely Perfect. Aphrodite visits upon Todd Akin in his bed chamber... Some Ideas for Movies.Ode on D.R. Carlaw.Rules for Writer [sic].A Meaningful Person.Dead Prez runs up on them crackers in they city hall.Today, in Midtown Manhatttan...Interview with Bill Murray's PR Lady.Sean Lennon, while I’ve never met him, seems alright to me.Spam Filler Content-NarrativeDelayed Inverted Vertical Suplex to Facebreaker Knee Smash
Edwards, Ayana — House Party

Edwards, SarahShush #4 & #6Spur on between 4:15pm-5:00pm
Eftichia, Dr. KapardeliDAWN poetry cycleMotionless Life.
Eich, Eric if the human centipede had been constructed exclusively from mouths, leaving in reality a sequence of only two people with their mouths sewn together, not kissing but breathing in whatever air was stuck in the other's throat, and never able to pull themselves awaydig / dennis cooper, sunday school teacher, ca. 2001
Eller-Isaacs, Jonah — My Bellybutton
Elliott, PhilipNo Man An Island Is, Or Something.
Ellman, NeilFata Morgana.
Ernix, P.L. — The Squire's Debate

Ewing, RickSapiens: In the Midst

Falomo, Ayokunlebecause sometimes, the voice of chance the rapper becomes a warm blanket.
Farleigh, KimA Question of Circumstances
Farr, Karl — Stone desert. (Großstadt.)
Farrer, AdamThrough a Long and Sleepless Night
Farrugia, CaitlinMemories of when you (my brother) were 6 and I was 8Living the Sims Dream
Fatherley, W.E. — Free to Think, Free to Be: A Story With a Subtitle
Feist, JackLee Sharks: Contributor Bio
Ferguson, Connor Hello, Future Acura Owners!
Ferguson, J.D. Homs, Syria
Fershtman, Eric Wave to Burning Homes, Stop and Stare
Fisher, Connor The Hand Writing the Eye.2 Poems
Flanagan, Ryan Quinn4 PoemsHillbilly Heroin.
Fletcher, Fletch“Slam the Door”
Foreman, Charlotte4 Poems
Fox, ReneeFor the BestWe took off to the great heights
Francoeur, RenéeBut you can see me under this green mesh
Frank, TimInsomniac
Franklin, Tracy R.  No Censure

Furse, AliceThe Shoebox

Galbraith, Charlie — The Discontinued Adventures of Superman and Crispin
Galinkin, Zac“Deli”
Gaines, Grover  Numerous Tools
Gallacher, Mack  Looking
Garnier, Jean-Paul L.Don’t Feed the Animals
Garofalo, Gabriella The Process of Quantum EntanglementA Letter to the Elvis Impersonator Who Stole My In-Flight MuffinFringe BenefitsMien Own Source of CheeseTen Days Later
Garrison, NickI went to the head doctor
Geltman, Zoë  Such a Wide Array of Such Important Topics
Genç, Kaya — The Judas Kiss
Gherlone, KristyThe Rain Maker
Gibson, Raymond  The Room
Giddins, Thomas  Vincent Duvell
Giles, AdamLooming in Their Futures
Gilson, D. — Ira Glass. A Love Letter in Three Acts   
Girshin, Alexander  Feelings • Looking Forward
Givens, KatherineThe 'Shard' cycle
Glass, Jeremy — Terror '91: Part One • Down, Across, and Over • Up Up and Away
Glenn, Phil GEverybody out of the Laundromat, I need to think!
Goddard, Keiran "You will lose me because you are an utterly disobedient lover"Dear Racist in the Queue at Tesco.Steersman.
goldberg, rlGuilt Trip
Golden, Shirley  Don't Tarry
Good, HowieArs Poetica3 Poems
Goodliffe, Michael — Clayoquot Morning Ritual
Goodwin, ConnorSome poems derived from movies
Gorman, JohnDear Sweet Tooth, Let Me Fill You In
Grabois, M. Krockmalnik “Philosophy”
Grace, HollyEaten By Wolves
Gramc, Jessica — Untitled

Grant, f. Simon Bloated :oR: The Body River
Greenfield, Irving A.  Mumbles • Nice and Respectable
Grey, Julienne2 Fictions
Griffith, BC3 Poems
Grodin, Laura The anatomy of my autonomy.

Guitard, AllisonThe yule log is playing on the televisionYour eyes peered from behind the changing colors of the leaves
Gutierrez, Gissel EstelleThe Recollection

Ha, KhanhThe Devil's Mask
Halverson, Kyle  Windmills • My Very First Memory
Hamilton, BretBruegel, a song.
Hammond, Demosthenes 3 Poems
Hampson, HJ  Do Sheep Scream?
Harp, Bev 3 Collaborative Poems
Harrell, AndrewThe Hole
Harris, E JCat 1
Harris, Matthew  My Early Glory Days at Glen Elm • "The burial of Matthew Harris" • Afloat on a whole grain cheerio! • My life in the year 2040 • meat market in this manse world!A MOST FOWL ODOR – emanating from the refrigeratorAt this point even we're not sure. –Sincerely, MGMT
Hart, GJThe Lovely Machine.
Hartley, Gary WOn brand.
Hawkins, Jeremy The Customer
Heath, G. LouisSummer Day.
Heins, KT — A Hypothetical Morning
Heldman, Emma2 Poems
Herman, Ilan  Turd • What Would Kafka Say?
hi(y)per-b===z%-7  "Sonar" • "Placate.txt [date modified: |3|4|4|8|6|][<[)}""Oscillation" • "Airport West" • "Shades of Cold Static Bluster""Document3.docx""Stetson's Dogma""Ocean, you’re an ocean (or ref# LD23e38411)""Nobel Peace Prize"
Hinton-Barber, Grahame2 Poems
Hoffman, Roman JamesThe Whore Woken Upon the Cross of Death
Hogan, Michael  Jonah
Hogan, Michael PaulThe Figure 3.
Holmes, RachelNot Sadness
Horner, IanPen Pal
Howard, Jenny Vegan Vampire Attacks Trees!
Hrejsa, Michael3 Poems
Huang, Arthur"George"
Huffman, A.J.Brain Fair
Humphrey, Eterigho OghenekomeCaroling Fair Damsel.
Hurter, Jade  "Apotheosis of the Gorgon"

Iacovelli, Sara3 Poems

JackChristopher W.  Funky Robots!  The Things from Somewhere Else...
Jackson, Nicholas — Of the Butterfly, Wings on the Muzo
James, ColinTHE SUDDEN POPULARITY OF OBSCURITYPoem Written After Reading a Nicolas Cage Interview.
Janeshek, JessieThe Channel U Poems
Jayroe, KateThe Ring
Johansen, EliseLike Birds
Johnson, Michael LeeCut Grass in Snow.
Johnstun, KaseThe Debtor
Jones, AlexanderPIZZA FUnCK
Jones, H.  "Flatlands"
Jones, Ron Jon  Aunt Peggy
Jones, ShaunaghThe Swimming Pool
JonilkaSection 1
Jordan, Melissa E.  or the errant locks of hair of a man standing with the sun behind
Joseph, Lukpata LombaWhys.
Joseph, M.K.  Mammal

Kanwal, MayaI Breathed You First, Even Though He Claimed You
Kaplan, Michaeldoors without doorways.
Kappos, IanYoga for Neocons.
Karos, George K.Diaspora in Channels of Life
Keil, Lauren“Mother”Firefly.
Kellerman, Megan2 PoemsREPORT BACK
Kelley, Alyssa  Spaces

Kennedy, Ryan P. Did You Drink the Paint, John?
Kersey, Sarah“The Season of Disquieting Peace”
Kimsey, Colleen  Jacob Dreams the Ladder and the Angels • Like PomonaEverything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt • On the Intersectionality of Things I Miss About You and Shit I Don’t
King, Jolly  Here's Judi!
Klassnik, Rauan 4 Poems
Klee, Miles 4 Fictions
Kluthe, Jessica  On Sewing
Knapp, RosePitchspoon.Wok Pak Archillect
Knauss, Elizabeth — Fish and Whisky
Knox Sorrell, KarissaLobelia cardinalis.
Knutson, Joshua Arthur  Bitterness Leads to My First Children's Book/LawsuitPsychaesthenia • My Two Dads Amateur Sitcom ReviewsThe DeGiacomos
Kyle-Sidell, Jonas  "Nobody's Pawn" • "Rock 'n Roll Reprise""I Don't Wanna Get Married""You and a Bottle of Boh""Nothin' Left to Lose"
"The Beauty"
"Man in the Gutter""The Future"“Reverse Nostalgia”
Kobylarz, Philip The Erotic Life of a Dog
Korges, Wilson an Idyll.
Kovacs, NorbertThe Dream
Kowalski, ShaneHi, Daddy
Krannie, Nooks2 cents gets a no brainer trim.
Krusenstiern, Eliana von For the Monsters
Kubai, Andy L.Seeking Mr. Anon and It’s Always Raining Somewhere
Kurtz, CraigCarnival Pigeons.
Kutliroff, GaviThe Hours Flower.