130 lede

“Timelapse of ultraviolet images of Sun” by Kevin Sommerville

The orb that now as I blisters belches circling this ball I it on my own spacehopper that for so long has fed and through created the arch-vegetable in a vortex of spore burning in every eye even the black eye that agent that kills that word that begat equation all sporous notion just echo the burning emission. ...READ MORE

morphnacular xii.: Lacanian mutatis mutantis. by Joe Milford

i imagine you had a carwreck with god       i imagine
the houseplant is cosmic to you                    i imagine
you thought you wrote “Kubla Khan”         i xanadu
you walking away from a landslide you
caused in the planetarium                     trailer-parks in
hurricane lane never heard of you, i imagine
why complain of the tridents or avalanches?
you are a used-car salesman                 i indoctrine
you swimming through an Alabama graveyard
dontja dontja? the waboosh template
four bubbles just swam up my beer bottle
so dissident                                 let’s snowboard across
a wave of ashen bones              mass graves
of theorems    plastic hall of masks
mainly the helmets of hazmat I imagine you
prog you                  buzz you                  punk you
soft as a maggot                            hard as a coffin nail
psychonaut in a backwash hydroplane
you have major sinthomes                      i imagine your
mirror                                      it’s a screaming cicada swarm
ancient sonar of the owl its head swiveling the
other/other                              a compass in an armoire
never touched  a compact and a lipstick
never opened sea glass on a bathroom
saucer                                      you, Freudian on the toilet

“Petal” by A. N. Irvano

(We Westerners
do not know
that some people wear
surgical masks
when they’re in public
—not because they’re afraid
of becoming infected—
but because they do not want
to infect others
while they themselves
are sick.)