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Theatrics. + 3 more by Lauren Yates

AT the community college across from Home Depot, / we gambled with Dum-Dum lollipops. We would / watch old WrestleMania tapes, and bet on our favorite / performers. Yokozuna was always my pick. // Our teacher used wrestling to teach us about / acting. He declared himself a knight, and made / a play out of a movie based on an opera. ...READ MORE

“The Spider & I for Breakfast” by Azia DuPont

I dreamt of a spider last night in the bookstore
It was enshrouding bookcases with its web
I want to tell you
I was brave

3 Poems by Sara Iacovelli

Sweet, Pretty Things.

Your father was a florist,
gone before I met you,
who left behind his plants to bloom
as you grew up. A kind-of stand-in:
life in the absence of it.

“I Kind of Started Writing a Play About You”: Keeping up with Former Contributors. by editors

Conversation started Monday
Zak Block
3/16, 5:18pm

What's going on in your life?
Megan Lotz (name angrammed)
3/16, 5:21pm
Well, was working at a restaurant, but it just closed, so I have to find another job, bluh.
Zak Block
3/16, 5:21pm
Well I meant more like your career.
Megan Lotz
3/16, 5:21pm
I'm doing this play I wrote soon at this theater in Williamsburg. So I'm excited about that.
Zak Block
3/16, 5:23pm
What kind of play? What theatre? Are you still in a relationship?
Megan Lotz
3/16, 5:24pm
I am. It's at the _____.
Zak Block
3/16, 5:24pm
It seems like everyone I know is in a relationship. I don't understand. Why can't they all be single and completely miserable and unfulfilled in every way like I am?
Megan Lotz
3/16, 5:25pm
Yeah, I know, I've felt that way. Totes.