137 lede

Freeze Frame Ophelia
by Stuart Snelson

FOR AS LONG as he could remember, he had been able to achieve states of sexual arousal in contemplation of the cadaverous. To qualify: he craved the televised dead—women, actresses, supine on the coroner’s table—not the actual dead. This, he felt, was an important distinction; what separated him from the deviants. ...READ MORE

Derwin Allen's As I arrived outside of hospital doors, body still tender and eyes still closed. My hands clenched and my mouth toothless.

You’re so talented to balance the white lies and the elegant smiles that mask your face at Night, making people fall in love with the idea of the woman you could be. They forgive your sin in the morning.

Working Classes. by the N.P.o.t.U.S.A.

The working classes have no pride:
they'll beg and they'll cry till you let them inside.
Then when you throw them out they'll commit suicide.
The working classes have no pride.

“If you want drugs you can just let me fuck you...”
The working classes have no pride.
“...but their effects will subside and you'll feel bad and cry.”
All invective aside, they don't have much perspective.

And the working classes aren't bright:
for, try as they may (though they haven't the pride),
they just can't retain and must have it explained.
“Your Intelligence Quotient's much lower than mine.”

Nick Garrison's I went to the head doctor

He told me to never come back

but I went back last summer
& I shot him six times in the back

I went to the head doctor
In Idaho

for running from every home I had

It wasn’t that bad, he told me to read Faulkner

I went to the head doctor
The medicine man
The existential crisis crayon
The truthful sparrow