May 22, 2011 — Worlds of Steel by Andrew Culver — Free to Think, Free to Be: A Story With a Subtitle by W. E. Fatherley — Sailon by Melanie Toomey — Mumbles by Irving A. Greenfield — Down, Across, and Over by Jeremy Glass

  May 25, 2011 — The Void by Derek Vaive — Terror '91: Part One by Jeremy Glass — On the Intersectionality of Things I Miss About You and Shit I Don’t by Colleen Kimsey — The Cinematographer's Aboulia by Ehren William Borg — "Drunku from March 20th, 2011" by Michael Patrick McSweeney

  May 27, 2011 — The Dream Queen by Paula Anderson — Torn by Autumn Larrow — Jonah by Michael Hogan — A Field Guide to My Neighbor's Handlebar Moustache by Ehren William Borg — Clayoquot Morning Ritual by Michael Goodliffe — "oh" by Michael Patrick McSweeney

  May 28, 2011 — Scallops by Isaac Steinzor — "No Whistling at the Rembrandts" by Michael Patrick McSweeney — The Quiet Opposite These Blooming Flowers by Sparrow Crain — Windmills by Kyle Halverson — A Bird in the Hand by Mike Marano

  Jun 1, 2011 — Nine-Hundred Luv-Talk by Aaron Case — Dutch in Prison by Erich Onzik — Gagworthy by Cheryl Spinner — Just a Little Bête Noire by Ehren William Borg — "While the King Slept" by Michael Patrick McSweeney

  Jun 4, 2011 — My Bellybutton by Jonah Eller-Isaacs — Subway Stop by Kayla O'Connell — The Adventures of Bob by Bill Choate — A Cheating Heart by Holly Zeches — I'm a Good Girl by Van Phung — Signs on the Road by Michael Barrineau

  Jun 7, 2011 — Birthday Tree by Chris Raia — Pile of Dirt by Aaron Case — The Bobble Glass Scholar by Michael Berntsen — Aunt Peggy by Ron Jon Jones — Kissing Frogs by Cooper Nelson — "The Physics of Water" by Michael Patrick McSweeney

  Jun 9, 2011 — My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose by Kendall Defoe — My Two Dads Amateur Sitcom Reviews by Joshua Arthur Knutson — The Doorknob by Evan Coleman — The Things from Somewhere Else... by Christopher W. Jack and Todd Tolls — okay, let's move to mexico. by Kaley Morlock — Yes, Actually, the Dog Does Talk by Liana Redelfs — Looking Forward by Alexander Girshin

  Jun 14, 2011 — I Like Tuesdays by Troy Prichard — Funky Robots! by Christopher W. Jack based on a suggestion by Jean Paul Simard — Above City Streets by Cooper Nelson — His Plan by Shannon Casey — "Unsent Text Messages" by Michael Patrick McSweeney — Bitterness Leads to My First Children's Book/Lawsuit by Joshua Arthur Knutson

  Jun 19, 2011 — As Bridges Burn by Cooper Nelson — Important News by Allyson Leigh — Both Behind and Beyond the Door by Troy Prichard

  Jun 23, 2011 — Lovely by Candice Alaimo — Kundera Wrote a Czech by Johnny Masiulewicz — Help Wanted by Kendall Defoe — One by Julian Strachan — The Red Tide by Ian Moore — "After Witnessing a Middle-Aged Coke Party" by Michael Patrick McSweeney

  Jun 29, 2011 — Here's Judi! by Jolly King — The Technology of Barbarism by Jorge Majfud — "a cathedral" by Michael Patrick McSweeney — Should I Stay or Should I Go? by Kendall Defoe

  Jul 12, 2011 — __________ by Gilbert Reyna — Beep by Kendall Defoe — The Love Swarm by Tim Schumacher — "Sonar" by hi(y)per-b===z%-7 — Asymmetrical We by Nick Mwaluko — "Looking Back, We Were No Different" by Michael Patrick McSweeney

  Jul, 29, 2011 — Turd by Ilan Herman — Chaplinesque by Ben Nardolilli — Questions #1 by Kendall Defoe — "Placate.txt [date modified: |3|4|4|8|6|][<[)}" by hi(y)per-b===z%-7

  Aug 3, 2011 — Of the Butterfly, Wings on the Muzo by Nicholas Jackson — Questions #2 by Kendall Defoe — When Things Fall Apart and Come Back Together OR: If I Knew What It Was to Live After the Seas Flooded Manhattan by Georgia McCandlish — "The Tale of the Trigger Fish" by Michael Patrick McSweeney

  Aug 9, 2011 — My Very First Memory by Kyle Halverson — Eggs by Chancho Cox — Battleground by Russ Porter — "Oscillation" by hi(y)per-b===z%-7 — "The Massacre of Ciudad Juarez" by Michael Patrick McSweeney — Questions #3 by Kendall Defoe

  Aug 18, 2011 — The Appointment by Simon Phillips — "Airport West" by hi(y)per-b===z%-7 — Leather and Feathers by Tony Longshanks LeTigre — The Old Place by Kendall Defoe — "hush" by Michael Patrick McSweeney

  Aug 22, 2011 — Hate Speech & Glitter by Tony Longshanks LeTigre — "Mostly Dead Idols Haunting" by M. Lawrence — Those Things by Lauren Leatherman — "Shades of Cold Static Bluster" by hi(y)per-b===z%-7 — "every night" by Michael Patrick McSweeney — Yes, Master by Kendall Defoe

  Aug 27, 2011 — "Take it from me, kid" by Oliver Lee Bateman — The Story of Albert Jameson by Horace Brickley — The Joke by Russ Porter — The Days After the Train Hit You by Georgia McCandlish

  Sep 2, 2011 — The Process of Quantum Entanglement by Gabriella Garofalo [I] — Lifetime Credit by Russ Porter — Walltalk by Elsyd Dao — Spaces by Alyssa Kelley — Questions #4 by Kendall Defoe — "Untitled" by Larry Block

  Sep 7, 2011 — Mammal by M.K. Joseph — Our Heroes by Troy Prichard — Screen Time by Mary Valle — A Letter to the Elvis Impersonator Who Stole My In-Flight Muffin by Gabriella Garofalo [I]

  Sep 12, 2011Flat Tires by Douglas Colby — "Stoned Pigeons" by Cheryl Spinner — "What the Story Was" by Kendall Defoe — Grassland by Derek Brown

  Sep 19, 2011 — "The Art of Preservation" by Cheryl Spinner — "Document3.docx" by hi(y)per-b===z%-7 — Questions #5 by Kendall Defoe — Fringe Benefits by Gabriella Garofalo [I]

  Sep 26, 2011 — A Place on the Wall by E.A. Mayer — Mien Own Source of Cheese by Gabriella Garofalo [I] — The Darkness by Edward Armstrong — I've Walked a Thousand Days by Cooper Nelson — The Walled Society by Jorge Majfud — Psychaesthenia by Joshua Arthur Knutson

  Oct 4, 2011 — Movies in the Basement by Mary Valle — Triptych by Adam Steiner — Destination Inc. by Blaise Lucey — My Early Glory Days at Glen Elm by Matthew Harris — "Poem?" by Larry Block

  Oct 11, 2011 — New York Romance by Cynthia Drew — Landscaping with David by Eric van Hoose — Sheet Talkers by Joni Abilene — Fish and Whiskey by Elizabeth Knauss — "Stetson's Dogma" by hi(y)per-b===z%-7

  Oct 18, 2011 — Visitation by Troy Prichard — In My Own Words by Joshua Shockey — "Strict Land" by Renee-Louise Carafice — An Officer and Some Gentlemen by J.A. O'Sullivan — Innocence Found by Oliver Woormfryes — The Great Mendacious Journey by Edward Armstrong

  Oct 25, 2011 — The Squire's Debate by P.L. Ernix — "Scenes no. 1" by Lee Brooks — Synthy Fists by Aaron Vehling — Justice by Edward Armstrong

  Halloween, 2011 — Infinity by Douglas Colby — Str8, No Chaser by Nick Mwaluko — Until the End of the World by Wilbert Stanton

  Nov 7, 2011 — I Dream In Italics, Eat In Mandarin and Order In English At the Noodle Shop  by Dena Rash Guzman — Culinary Coup at Le Monde or A Chef’s Worst Nightmare by Chuck Mazzarella — "The burial of Matthew Harris" by Matthew Harris — Methodical Madness by Wilbert Stanton — Why Pulled Bandages Will Be Plucked from the Waiting Hall. by Shane Jesse Christmass — Nub Love by Madison Capps

  Nov 14, 2011 — Letter to Dorian by Edward Armstrong — Afloat on a whole grain cheerio! by Matthew Harris — "Orson, La Di Dah" by Cheryl Spinner

  Nov 22, 2011 — Cravings by Claudia Cruttwell — My life in the year 2040 by Matthew Harris — "What a Spectacle" by Cheryl Spinner

  Nov 28, 2011 — The Many Worlds Theory by Philip Walford — Nagelvoort by Chris Raia — "Ocean, you’re an ocean (or ref# LD23e38411") by hi(y)per-b===z%-7

  Dec 8, 2011 — Dad On Ice by Clay Conger — [Three Letters to Val Kilmer] by Kaj Anderson-Bauer — Only Friend by Joseph Chevalier — If Seal Is Broken by Sparrow Crain

  Dec 15, 2011 — Dancing with Steinbrenner by J. Bradley — A History of the Russian Revolution by Stephen Baily — Relic by Sparrow Crain

  Dec 20, 2011 — Nice and Respectable by Irving A. Greenfield — Feast for Two by Patrice Sweeney — Looking by Mack Gallacher

  Dec 27, 2011 — 10 Stories About My Friends by Kaj Anderson-Bauer —"Nobel Peace Prize" by hi(y)per-b===z%-7

  Jan 3, 2012 — No Censure by Tracy R. Franklin — meat market in this manse world! by Matthew Harris — "I Don't Wanna Get Married" by Jonas Kyle-Sidell — King by Nick Mwaluko

  Jan 11, 2012 — Pore to Floor by Virginia Butler — "Me Too." by Carla Bozon — A Goddamned Riot. by Shane Jesse Christmass

  Jan 17, 2012 — The Rest We Give to Fire by Troy Baillargeon — “They’re Usually Indifferent To Overcome”: An Aesthetic Statement on the Novel. (A Series of Image Scenes Tumbling Apart). by Shane Jesse Christmass — "Nobody's Pawn" by Jonas Kyle-Sidell

  Jan 23, 2012 — Cross-Bred by Clayton Lister — Lana by Thomas Dorwaldt  — "pink denim venomous lady" by Troy Baillargeon

  Jan 29, 2012 — Mercy by Christian Davies — Moon Baby by Ben R. Matthews — "Nothin' Left to Lose" by Jonas Kyle-Sidell — The Ghost of Texas by Tyler Durrett

  Feb 5, 2012 — Progress, Not Perfection by Charles L. Stafford — The Cruise by Blaise Lucey — Baby, Be by Philip Swann — Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt by Colleen Kimsey

  Feb 13, 2012 — Vincent Duvell by Thomas Giddins — That Thing I Do by Gareth Brierley — "BAWL ON, BROWN MAMA and I VOTED FOR MONTGOMERY" by Troy Baillargeon

  Feb 20, 2012 — Flowers by Gracie Bawden — "Apotheosis of the Gorgon" by Jade Hurter — "lord of the door to door sale" by Troy Baillargeon — "It's Electric" by Cheryl Spinner

  Feb 27, 2012 — Homs, Syria by J.D. Ferguson — Questions #6 by Kendall Defoe — A Hypothetical Morning by KT Heins — "Zachary Block" by Troy Baillargeon

  Mar 4, 2012 He lends her his comb by Michael J. Pagan — The Room by Raymond Gibson — How to Dress a Rabbit by Clayton Lister — "what for what's own sake alone along a leather loway" by Troy Baillargeon

  Mar 11, 2012 — Alas... by Kendall Defoe — See How the Chickens Run by Clayton Lister — YOU'RE AN ODD DUCK by Michael J Pagan — Right Away, Great Captain! by Caleb Andrew Ward

  Mar 18, 2012 — As Well a Panther As a Besom by Clayton Lister — "Treacherous Lupin and the Chorus What Done Him In" by Troy Baillargeon

  Mar 25, 2012 — Grünerløkka by Adam Moorad — A Service Announcement by Elizabeth Walton — Parsnip Pop, It's Good for You by Clayton Lister — AND THE PLACE WAS by Michael J Pagan — "pyeon sai" by Troy Baillargeon

  Apr 2, 2012 — If You Go Rooting (or Fare Thee Well, Ned) by Clayton Lister — "The Future" by Jonas Kyle-Sidell — "baby on the dotted line" by Troy Baillargeon

  Apr 8, 2012 — Brisance by Caleb Andrew Ward — "Untitled" by Larry Block

  Apr 15, 2012 — "My Couch Says" by Fiona Pearse — "autobiography of a late and compulsive liar" by Troy Baillargeon — "The Beauty" by Jonas Kyle-Sidell

  Apr 22, 2012 — Numerous Tools by Grover Gaines — On Sewing by Jessica Kluthe — Lightning Goes to Touch the Ground by Curtis LeBlanc — Such a Wide Array of Such Important Topics by Zoë Geltman

  Apr 29, 2012 — The Judas Kiss by Kaya Genç — Like Pomona by Colleen Kimsey — "Fermented with Fever Reliever" by Troy Baillargeon

  May 6, 2012 — The Discontinued Adventures of Superman and Crispin by Charlie Galbraith — א , ב , ג , ד, ﬣ  by Cheryl Spinner — Jacob Dreams the Ladder and the Angels by Colleen Kimsey — "slave" by Troy Baillargeon

  May 13, 2012 — Untitled by Jessica Gramc — He's a Nice Old Man by Eric Nelson — Tall Tales by Kayla O'Connell — Connection Fading by Evan Coleman — "The Perks of Listening" by Michael Patrick McSweeney

  May 20, 2012 — It's Almost Like a Vacuum by Ian Moore — See It All For More of What It Is by James Munson — Pink Blur by David J. Ruthenberg

  May 28, 2012 Feelings by Alexander Girshin — Dark Maize by David J. Ruthenberg — conquering bolinas  by Kaley Morlock

  Jun 3, 2012 — Moonshine and Epsom Salt by Jean McIntyre Cogdell — Studiously Ignored in the Dry Swimming Pool. by Shane Jesse Christmass — "Who should ever write the poem" by Douglas Colby — "Daughter" by Kaitlyn W — "American Tragedy" by Michael Patrick McSweeney

  Jun 10, 2012 — A Daring Pilot by Ian Moore — "Rock 'n Roll Reprise" by Jonas Kyle-Sidell

  Jun 17, 2012 — Up Up and Away by Jeremy Glass — Katherine Cricket and the Loquacious Vase by Jamie Loftus — What Would Kafka Say? by Ilan Herman

  Jun 24, 2012 — Little Victories by Dave Labedz — Shariing by Mark Mc Quown

  Jul 2, 2012 — Prose Poem. What's a Prose Poem? Kate Ellenberger Drinking Warm Beer By Herself. by W.F. Roby — House Party by Ayana Edwards — or the errant locks of hair of a man standing with the sun behind by Melissa E. Jordan — Sit Born Half a Million Years From Now. by Shane Jesse Christmass

  Jul 8, 2012 — Say Your Lesson by Max Dunbar — "The Puddle Shrine" by Cheryl Spinner — The Professor by Kendall Defoe — September Seventeenth by Cooper Nelson

  Jul 15, 2012 — Ira Glass. A Love Letter in Three Acts by D. Gilson — "Spring"  by Kendall Defoe — Newsworthy by Kaley Morlock

  Jul 22, 2012 — Amnesiac Dink by Oliver Woormfryes — "Flatlands" by H. Jones — Password by Dena Rash Guzman

  Jul 29, 2012 — Do Sheep Scream? by HJ Hampson — Pound It  by Julie Reverb — "A History of Deception" by Christina Murphy — no you can't; yes i can by Kaley Morlock

  Aug 5, 2012 — Don't Tarry by Shirley Golden — Looks Like Rain by Brian Michael Barbeito — "You and a Bottle of Boh" by Jonas Kyle-Sidell

  Aug 13, 2012 — Flesh and Blood by Magen Cubed — “S & M” by Alex Nodopaka — Three Poems by Danny P. Barbare“Geronimo” by Cheryl Spinner — esculent by Caleb Andrew Ward

  Aug 21, 2012 — Free Will by Kayla O'Connell — Medardo Meets His Maker. A True Story by Elvis Bego — Perritos by Evan Coleman

  Aug 28, 2012 — The painting had lain forgotten in a cupboard for years. by Marion Rankine — A MOST FOWL ODOR – emanating from the refrigerator by Matthew Harris — california's secret [bolinas] by Kaley Morlock

  Sep 4, 2012 — Domestic by Nick Mwaluko — “Unrestricted Headspace” by Clayton Woolery — “aurangabad” by Troy Baillargeon

  Sep 12, 2012 — The Erotic Life of a Dog by Philip Kobylarz — “Reverse Nostalgia” by Jonas Kyle-Sidell — poetry submission by Holly Day

  Sep 23, 2012 — Bloated :oR: The Body River by f. Simon Grant — Introduction to God by Caleb Andrew Ward — The Craft of Pen and Paper by Troy Prichard

  Oct 4, 2012 — Four by Miles KleeHello, Future Acura Owners! by Connor Ferguson — “The Cat Song” by Cheryl Spinner

  Oct 14, 2012 — Sophie's Big Day by Kendall Defoe

  Oct 24, 2012 — Wave to Burning Homes, Stop and Stare by Eric Fershtman — Three Collaborative Poems by Evonne Acevedo Johnson and Bev Harp

  Nov 4, 2012 — ו , ז , ח  by Cheryl Spinner — Stone desert. (Großstadt.) by Karl Farr — “hurricane season” by Michael Patrick McSweeney

  Nov 20, 2012 — The DeGiacomos by Joshua Arthur Knutson — Young Hero by Shane Langnes

  Dec 3, 2012 — 03/04 by Daniel Allen — Two by J. Bradley

  Dec 16, 2012 — Incident Recap, in Detached Report by Kyle Sundby — “Twelfth sacrifice the mermaid sea(epilogue)” by Vinca Andre — Fate's Malicious Militant, Cupid. by Canaan Massie — “LABORIOUS AND SOME WHAtHING OBSESSIVE” by Oleg S. Yubkin — Questions #7 by Kendall Defoe

  Dec 30, 2012 — Ten Days Later by Gabriella Garofalo [I] — Death Comes with Whimsy by Elvis Bego — Past Due by Kendall Defoe

  Jan 13, 2013The Customer by Jeremy Hawkins — Things that have flown out of the book. by Shane Langnes — "matters of financial security" by Michael Patrick McSweeney

  Jan 27, 2013Curate's Egg by David Whelan — The moon’s light slinks away into its hidey hole. by Sy Roth — Winterlight by Gracie Mae Bradley

  Feb 10, 2013Sirens by Carla Marquez — In the winter you woke early to watch the walkers in the snow slow and sombre past your window. by Celia MacDougall — Delicacies by Meredith Turits — Buddy Would Have Been the One by Renee-Louise Carafice

  Feb 24, 2013Did You Drink the Paint, John? by Ryan P. Kennedy — “Philosophy” by M. Krockmalnik Grabois— "Man in the Gutter" by Jonas Kyle-Sidell

  Mar 10, 2013Detailed Report & Memoir: (Scrying Attempt). by Shane Jesse Christmass — Sonnets by Bruce McRae — Batman Vs. Wolverine by Shane Langnes

  Mar 24, 2013Four poems from Greg ZorkoDear America by Adrian Sobol — "You will lose me because you are an utterly disobedient lover" by Keiran Goddard — Keepin' 'em Down (September 1996) by Matthew Taub

  Apr 7, 2013an Idyll. by Wilson Korges — The Bird Conundrum by Victoria Manifold — “opportunity cost” by Michael Patrick McSweeney

  Apr 21, 2013“The Heart” by Michael Patrick McSweeney — Two Ann Coulter Mash-Up Poems by Sara Biggs Chaney — The Problem with Odam Schweda by Chad Meadows

  May 5, 2013Parasite by Stephen Boyer — The anatomy of my autonomy. by Laura Grodin — The Hand Writing the Eye. by Connor Fisher — if the human centipede had been constructed exclusively from mouths, leaving in reality a sequence of only two people with their mouths sewn together, not kissing but breathing in whatever air was stuck in the other's throat, and never able to pull themselves away by Eric Eich

  May 19, 2013Ooks by AE Reiff — The Scar in the Setting by Spencer R. Martin — The Newsletter of the Asylum and Four More by Jason Visconti — Filming ‘Blood Shot Silk’ – Deleted Scenes (33, 35 and 36) by Christopher Barnes — Vegan Vampire Attacks Trees! by Jenny Howard

  Jun 2, 2013Christmas This Year by Matt Rowan — Excerpt #$$. from Acid Shottas by Shane Jesse Christmass — Your Call Is Important to Us by Kendall Defoe — Somewhere His Brushstrokes Strike by Caleb Andrew Ward — For the Monsters by Eliana von Krusenstiern

  Jun 16, 2013IKEA Romance & two more. by Demosthenes Hammond — I Should Have Been a Fighter. by Aaron Brame — Dear Racist in the Queue at Tesco. by Keiran Goddard

  Jun 30, 2013Furious and Implacable Judgment by Brenton Woodward — Jacob Mertens' Abandoned HouseEvaporation. by Gracie Bawden — Tum-Tum-Te-Ri, Tum-Tum-Te-Ray. & one more by Cheryl Spinner

  Jul 14, 2013I Breathed You First, Even Though He Claimed You by Maya Kanwal — Tony Hawk. and four more by Michael Naghten Shanks — go on being desk lighters and blinds. and three more by Dusty Neu — Rubber Cement by Chad Meadows

  Jul 28, 2013Suckin' down a pop by Bijan Stephen — RECOGNITIONS FROM THE FINAL 1.263 MINUTES OF A HAYWIRE GOOGLEMAP STICHER ALGORITHM THAT BELIEVES IT IS A SHIP by Liam Harkin — Universe of Thought by Doug Robbins

  Aug 11, 2013Notes from R3-C4: 'The Chicken House' by Danielle Susi — Typhoid Party. by Douglas Luman — She Listens to Rihanna by Thom Dinsdale — 6 1/2 Poems by Chris DrewWhat it is to know. by Elizabeth Walton

  Aug 25, 2013The opportune beauty of dramatic departures. by Joseph Reynolds — Bird, Dragonfly, and Soft Blonde (Waiting for the Divine Mother) by Brian Michael Barbeito — “George” by Arthur Huang

  Sep 8, 2013The Devil's Mask by Khanh Ha — Confessions of a Rock Icon & some other stuff by Thomas Piekarski — “A Lost Man of Days and Weather” by Stanley M Noah — Wedding vows. & a few more by Anthony Arnott

  Sep 22, 2013Two Channel by Tom Offland — ADORATIONs No. 172 & 174 by Darren C. Demaree — We’re here (humanity in general / you and I in particular). by J.R. Mellin — Houston Experiment #3. and something else by W.F. Roby

  Oct 6, 2013The Red Cat by M.J. Valentine — The Swimming Pool by Shaunagh Jones — Clean Towel by Mary Valle — Mwena-Mweni (Awino's Monologue) by Nick Mwaluko

  Oct 20, 2013Everybody out of the Laundromat, I need to think! by Phil G Glenn — At this point even we're not sure. –Sincerely, MGMT by Matthew Harris — Spice Rhymes. by Lee Abramson — The Hole by Andrew Harrell — “thoughts sitting at a grandfather's workbench” by Michael Patrick McSweeney

  Nov 3, 2013Burbank Academy 1960 by Jamal Lee — I Don't Let It Bother Me by Jason Lucarelli — THE SUDDEN POPULARITY OF OBSCURITY by Colin James — The Change Jar by Laura McPhee-Browne

  Nov 17, 2013The Essayist by Thomas Mundt — There Was No Normandy by Cassandra Moss — Dialogue from That Blessed Year and An Inheritance, A Chance by Colin Dodds — Homie and the Wolf by Stuart Ross

  Dec 1, 2013Shaving Fate by Liz Betz — The Debtor by Kase Johnstun — dig / dennis cooper, sunday school teacher, ca. 2001 by Eric Eich — AND PAST THE EARTH IS ANOTHER + Sounding Out / Inventing by Connor Fisher

  Dec 15, 2013Last Call for Buzz Nettle by Chris McCartney — The Lobster by Neil Randall — reincarnation by Hamish Wood — The Humanitree by Matt Rowan

  Dec 29, 2013Indoor Thunder + Gargoyle on the Toilet by Julienne Grey — FROM “A MISCELLANY OF DIVERSE THINGS” by Philip Kobylarz — SW19 by Michael Naghten Shanks — MFA PupPotem by AE Reiff

  Jan 12, 2014Carlos by José Vadi — WALKING ACROSS THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE by John Grey — Ars Poetica by Howie Good — Questions #8 by Kendall Defoe

  Jan 26, 2014minding the shop. / two more by Phil Shils — Chapter II by Nathan Roberts — A Dolphin Scene by Ali Znaidi — “I imagined flying through the cosmos...” by Scott Niekum

  Feb 9, 20141/30/14 - 1/31/14 by Lauren Moon — not necessarily a poem about starbucks. by Daniel Ryan — Bruegel, a song. by Bret Hamilton — Cut Grass in Snow. by Michael Lee Johnson

  Feb 23, 2014I Dream of Michael Jackson by Vincent Poturica — Grateful for the Distracting Noise by Ross Mudrick — Samizdat by Eric Williams — Chickens and That Human Condition by Charles L. Stafford — The Lively Corpse by Doug Robbins

  Mar 9, 2014Too Far Gone by Peter Storey — The Underside of the Writer's Eye, Danielle's Denial, Rant of an Old Wiccan Lady and Around the Bay Window & In the Chair by Dr. Ernest Williamson III — …3 poems. by Born Before — Brain Fair by A.J. Huffman — 1-9 by Tendai R. Mwanaka

  Mar 23, 2014Picked Me a Plum by Ben Rader — Three by Anna StusserDIMENSIONS followed by 5 others by B.Z. Niditch — Adefisayo D. Adeyeye is the author of Dear ReaderHi, Daddy by Shane Kowalski

  Apr 6, 2014let’s talk about it in the morning by K Raydo — I Can Only Burp If I Think About All the People Who Turn Me On by Shawn Berman — Transfusion. by Jordan Sanderson — I FELL IN LOVE WITH PHANTASMAGORIA by Dr. Mel Waldman

  Apr 20, 2014Alice by Melanie Browne — HOW THE DINOSAURS DIED by Alicia Jo Rabins — rickroll by Felix Culpa — “The Conqueror Undone By a Tongue” by Susan Plant — For the Best by Renee Fox

  May 4, 2014Billy Sees Red by H. D. Loughrey — Nominative Absolute. by Chris Campanioni — “Misses Chow” by Joseph D. Reich — Carnival Pigeons. by Craig Kurtz — Guilt Trip by rl goldberg

  May 18, 2014Raspberry Vodka by Alexander Wheeler — Seeking Mr. Anon and It’s Always Raining Somewhere by Andy L. Kubai — FIVE POEMS from Adam DeutschHindi Poems of Sushant Supriye

  Jun 1, 2014Terminal Girls by John Pistelli — Even Samurais Write Poetry by Sydney Solis — A Debatable Necessity by Bob Carlton

  Jun 15, 20143 Poems by Dawn Corrigan — THE STYLE SECTION COURTESY OF THE NEW YORK TIMES and 1 more by Howard Winn — “Ballgame Jesus” Brandt Schubbe — On Teal Walls. by Chase Turner — Mudita Off the Dharma Seat +another by Gerard Sarnat — The Whore Woken Upon the Cross of Death by Roman James Hoffman

  Jun 29, 2014The Station Mistress by Alma Twerski — The Shoebox by Alice Furse — Pensive. by Rex Ybañez — I walk into the light with my head in my hands by Joe Nicholas — About an Artist by Mark Magoon

  Jul 13, 2014The Holy Roller: Pontiff of the Reprobate Mind by N. Aneira Warburton — “The calculations thus far made have been the closest approximations possible from the data known, yet there is a chance that the final result may be inaccurate” ...and another one by Jason Dean Arnold — Market Rate and Siri, Where are the Snows of Yesteryear? by Gregory Crosby — CONTINUOUS AMBIGUITIES by Richard Kostelanetz — Vacation. by Jenn Blair — The John Berryman & Hart Crane Dreams / Ode to Harry Langdon by Doug Draime

  Jul 27, 2014Spam Filler Content-Narrative from Alex Profera's inbox — Three Problems in the City by Oliver Zarandi — Two Poems by Amy Carlberg — Three by Ashlie Allen

  Aug 12, 2014Sunbather by Aje Björkman — The Market Stalls & others in a similar vein by Christopher Barnes — “My Darling's Candy Kiss” by C. Denise Simmonds Medina

  Aug 31, 2014Sunspots on a Calendar Week by Anthony Martin — Broken Air Conditioner by Amanda Tumminaro — Houston Experiment #4. by W.F. Roby — The Death of God. by Caleb Andrew Ward

  Sep 14, 2014Flammable by Lilly Lin — Shush #4 & #6 by Sarah Edwards — Two Poems by Abraheem Dittu — “untitled” by Troy Baillargeon

  Sep 28, 2014The Death of the Heirloom by Desmond P. Peeples — “Comedy of Err” by Jared Phillips — Iconoclasm of Modern Funeral Vignettes by Steven Earnshaw — Steersmen. by Keiran Goddard

  Oct 12, 2014Lobelia cardinalis. by Karissa Knox Sorrell — “Deli” by Zac Galinkin — poetry submission (2) by Holly Day — “Gilda the Cat” by Cheryl Spinner

  Oct 26, 2014Timelapse of ultraviolet images of Sun. by Kevin Sommerville — morphnacular xii.: Lacanian mutatis mutantis. by Joe Milford