“Unsent Text Messages” by Michael Patrick McSweeney


i know i should have said this long ago
but you are the source
of every hand's inspired glide
across my cell-phone's face


i write these snow-lit nights
so that your beauty knows but never needs
to wave its hand towards a single voice
who wants to write and kiss you
through this suffocating screen


on the day i tell you how i feel
i'll take you past these faded buttons
that define what love means in our time
past the slides of fingers and their doubts
to places where the currents lift
my words and winds
to be read and offered
passage through the air

Michael Patrick McSweeney is an artist and educator from the Boston region. His work has appeared in numerous journals and various regions of the Internet thanks to truly wonderful individuals. He is also the founder and chief financial officer of a used submarine conglomerate, the business website of which can be found at discountsubmarines.wordpress.com, and he hopes you have a great day.