Bad feeling

hell no she said i dont want to touch her i dont believe in that, now you listen to me Sylvia shes just a kid you gotta do this i wont be able to handle it if something bad happens to her! Sylvia drops to her knees crying you can feel the depth of her grief her hidden guilt for children knowing she has the touch ah the touch it goes back.

Way back to the days before the Spanish land grants back to the days that changed a people back to a day when life for them was so bad, they were simple farmers living in deep south Texas, land poor so to speak. Once in a while a visitor, walking to and fro was not unusual the padre owned most of the land given to them by the land grants. This is where the whole thing got started.


"Tiofilo" was his name she still talks about him she says he still around some one that bad never dies she says, she can feel him I thinks its all baloney although after 28 years of marriage i know when she hurting she got this thing for picking out certain children and if she doesnt touch them some thing happens! well let me see.... theres Lil Pete hes in a coma hes 20 something now his momma has been taking care of him for years, car accident unbelievable, theres john well johns about 17 or so he has not been right since Sylvia got that feeling tony went blind , Lorenzo s scared to death of us so many.


Tiofilo supposedly could see future events "se muere me hente" my people will die these are the pass down stories from generation to generation some times Sylvia acts as if she knows him personally anyways the guy was able to see his people dying in his visions, from attempts to take the land given to heirs from the padre , the story goes there would be murder rape and torture and the people would be defenseless against the laws and rules of the new country he told these stories around campfires, Sylvia talks about the dagger used to kill Texas rangers the alleged enforcers, and the murdering of women and children in retaliation anyways seems Tiofilo schemed a way to pass on his hatred or a defense for his sons sons this is the touch a way to make things right in Tiofilos eyes.

First met

Elizabeth is Manuel and Michelles daughter about 10 or so great kid, cute as a button , around a year or so ago Sylvia s got that feeling it started at a bar b que everyone hanging around having a couple of cold beers there they were and little Liz Sylvia turned a little pale and grabbed my hand walked me outside told me " Gilbert i am feeling it" immediately i insisted we walk over to her so Sylvia can touch her this seems to stop it. Sylvia complaining saying she refuses to believe in it but we went anyways after fifteen minutes playing with Lil Liz Sylvia felt right as rain.

Wait there more

by Gilbert Reyna