"Placate.txt [date modified: |3|4|4|8|6|][<[)}("

Canisters ofBLUE DELUGE EXPLOSION precipitate
exponenti(AL) increases in human consciousness>
No longer god-given
No longer granted and taken
Not for profit or four loss
Placate now or face the music

x12 [is better than] 2y because >>>>>>>>>>>>
> >> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


envisage a future bereft of meaningful paradigms>
Given to inward transfers
Given to untimely decline
Given to tides of rage ^!##
Placate or live by the stock exchange
Placate not subjugate/Or rule or preside or supervise >>>>

Platitudes and i#n#c#a#n#t#a#t#i#o#n#s de-{//:l-iberate
on underscored TXT [MY/FILES] >>>>>>
Working for a living
Wor(king) for quotas
Working for peace
Placate or retire to industry
We are matter animated\\We convert to energy (9493)
- all of us >>>>>\\ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

?Trains filled with vivid publicists and pallets of
Hippocratic theory fly smooth/straight/and-true>
Fixated on light beams
Fixated on magazine articles
Fixated on a closed universe
Placate the area immediately
Placate. Because hazy indeterminate numbers
haunt the quantum world.( )>>>>> >>>>>>>>

Kinklepops await the thirsty miners upon their return
FROM the brightest depths of spacetime..>
Mining for plastic cups
Mining for reason [12-dimesnional fabric]
Mining for morning television
Placate or find yourself in the moment
Suck down another kinklepop - you will need it
/it/it/it/it/it/it/it/it/it <>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Pretense is the preferred tense when assessing
distant futures or ruminating on strings>
Imagining theories
Imagining a day at the beach
Imagining exile ….|HOCUS(x-y)
Placate and renounce your unfounded beliefs
Economise. Tighten your belt, get your skates on,

“This has been a community service announcement.”

<< a literary work by: hi(y)per-b===z%-7 >> / CORRECTION: << a literary work by: hi(y)per-b===z%-7 >>

Hi(y)per-b===z%-7 is a legal practitioner, freelancer and prolific writer of pretentious obscure nonsense.