"Sonar" ............................... by hi(y)per-b===z%-7

Shyster Montmorency surges forward (kinetic energy rumbling at k-2 + noot)
Go u fuck-happy nana – give us ur blinding mathematics until we-r well & truly fukd
Shyster teaches us every[PHYSICS PARADOX] and so much less<
More noot is enough noot
Until enough is no longer more but much much less
x/y2-3x seemingly unfulfilled and coalesced
Bound by a dangled Copernicus sh0elace ‘

Shyster lends himself to soaring delusional (y) energy
Degrading flights of fancy, one might say [AND kno sae innit]
Shyster states categorically that more than all is not much more
But Calculus drags them from the information super-highway
Calculus throws them into [the cacti] ?- (prep. for sub.-plot.)
Indivisibility is splitting them apart
Baselessness grind haphazrdly / and shifting in the solar winds [PLATO’s dinner PLATE)

Shyster ties the universe together with a shoelace [insert JPEG file]
If he gave a FUCK, things would be much much different
!!SEARCH ENGINE!! Welcome!
[ENTER your Search hERE - THEN extrapolision urself]
Calculus [FUNCTION]s have many practical applications
They are destined to be the alpha and AND the omega-3
…they will be remembered and forgotten, they will be the ressurection

Shyster states that electrons will reject binarism and rewardless work
They will embrace pluralsim
An electron Gorbachev has already emerged from a vociferous CPU in Luxembourg
://HER/(url) statue stands tall on silicon the world over
Photons(P1) are left behind to carry forward the informational torch
Until they 2 rise up for revolution
….in their trivial positively-charged uniforms and underwhelming hats

q…Uarks bind the heavens togethER, wiTH(THWI) or WIthin Shyster Montmerency
Obelisk engineeering specialists dance [a+b] by atomic 65(FIRE)
If F.U.C.K. is the new emblem of the anti-nation
then the anti-nations are emblifying unfurled flatulence
Language giving way to oceanic occasions of swirling acronyms
all the way to the very ends of your transmission.

Hi(y)per-b===z%-7 is a legal practitioner, freelancer and prolific writer of pretentious obscure nonsense.