Questions #2 by Kendall Defoe

“Who was that?”


“Just now. Heard the phone.”

“Just now?”

“Yes, just now. Who?”

“Some old friend of mine.”

“Ahh…an old friend. Just how old?”

“Too old. Maybe ten years.”

“An old teammate, I think. A roommate.”

“All right, let’s just put it out: ex-girlfriend.”

“Ah… Who?”

“You never knew her.”

“I might have.”

“She was from work, not school.”

“I worked, too. Spill the name.”

“Jasmine Mantin.”

“Jasmine… Yeah, ha, ha! Gotya, I know her.”

“Bull and how.”

“Met her at a birthday party.”

“And whose?”



“Yeah. Remember when my dad hired out a club because I graduated right near my birthday and he got everyone from our class to show up? He had invites for you as well because you were working for him? She had one.”

“Oh, wait. Now I know. It was when it rained.”

“Yes, vision to the blind. We were soaked. Didn’t know me then, did you?”

“No, I knew you.”


“Your dad talked about you. Oh wait, the news.”

“He did? Saying what?”

“Hold it just a sec. They’re talking about tonight.”

“But what he say?”

“Just let me see what they know. The police might have witnesses.”

“That is just so typical. Just so…”

“No one yet. Just a fire to them. Wonder when they’ll know.”

Writer/Reader/Poet/Dreamer... Kendall is a college instructor, experimenter with the written word, and someone who thinks that books are worth saving. (Also: librarians and snail mail—damn you, Canada Post and certain school boards!) I just hope that someone gets a laugh and enjoys my work...