"Document3.docx" project manager: hi(y)per-b===z%-7 __________ __ _ _ ____

As if a waivering quiver, of shimmered Toyota Corollas_
, online and and offsided {CACHED]
paying an obligatory visit to the kfc
bulking up on fried chicken…/ getting into it
obviating a senseationalist undergrounded media of
winded questionable value
we all know it has meaning
we all know \ that your words
are not casual and
accounted for

Attention Shoppers:
you would be crazy to miss out on these crazy bargains.
you would be crazy to miss out
/because of your independent stratifications..,
you should take our advice;
you should think less
you should curb your creative instinctiveness
you should callibrate with etheral loft

nasdaq rocketing downward;
smashing through\ floorboards
splinters sticking in the eyes of the traders. >>
infinite riots roll toward the city.
westminister shakes and flutters
|people browse through slow empires of reason|
and they emphasise each episodes with considerable

Summary of Findings:
Unmbrellas go up:
they do not go unnoticed.
because we dream of non-addictive xanax raining down and
flooding the streets,
overflowing the drains,
bouncing off our blinking eyelids.
stable emotions for the foreseeable future;
white sandy beaches and pina coladas for now and

Hi(y)per-b===z%-7 is a legal practitioner, freelancer and prolific writer of pretentious obscure nonsense.