Questions #4 by Kendall Defoe

“Did you see this yet?”

“Which one?”

“This one…”

“With him?”

“Yeah. It looks good.”

“Maybe. There’s nothing else on.”

“It’s Tuesday. Cheap night.”

“Okay, I’ll pay then.”

“If you want. Don’t you have to worry about your paycheque?”

“It’s in. I’ll just use my card to get the tickets.”


“You want to drive?”

“No, we can take the metro. Better than buying a ticket.”

“I can’t believe you like it.”

“Just like him in it. It works.”

“A killer and a cab driver…”

“Yes. If he doesn’t drive him around, he’s dead.”

“A shot to the head.”

“Yeah. Think.”

“But he’s driving.”


“So he shoots him, they get in an accident and get hurt or die. End of movie.”

“No, wait. Think: the driver wants to live, so he keeps on going even though this guy’s in the back doing these things at different places.”

“So? He drives off. End of movie.”

“That’s not it.”

“Yeah, that’s it. What I’d do if it was me.”

“Maybe the driver has to do it ‘cause the guy in the back has something on him.”

“Like what? He’s just a cabbie he picked on the street.”

“Maybe he knew him. His number.”


“So, enough with the lecture.”

“You drive. Then metro.”

“Should make you drive.”

“Your car.”

“Yeah, but I’m the bad driver here.”

“True, true. I’ll drive.”

“We’ll stop right across the street from the bank.”

“Okay. You have the plan.”

“Don’t even need a gun. Just a note.”

“Sure. Then the movies.”

“Yeah… Just never thought we’d be in another place watching a gangster.”

“Smart, smart.”


“Get your shades.”

“Got ‘em.”

“Check. Hey, wait. Are the banks still open?”

“It’s only four. We’re going late.”

“They got odd hours sometimes.”

“We’re fine. Just get ready.”

“No problem.”

Writer/Reader/Poet/Dreamer... Kendall is a college instructor, experimenter with the written word, and someone who thinks that books are worth saving. (Also: librarians and snail mail—damn you, Canada Post and certain school boards!) I just hope that someone gets a laugh and enjoys my work...