Justice by Edward Armstrong

They had welcomed me in so openly at first, until of course the news of my mischievous behaviour followed me to my new home of Japan. Emperor Aeguji was distraught with confusion and indignation with the complex decision involving his next move. To save myself I quickly reminded him of our binding contract; he had given me his word and would not be hasty to break it. He could not hand me over; he had promised protection for me in his land. I remember he called me in to his palace tea room and demanded I recite the things I had felt and events that occurred before we spoke, as he clearly knew the events following. So I began:

“My mind was racing but my face calm; the thought of his betrayal could not be comprehended in mere words. Such a deception for the sake of oneself is beyond even the grasp of understanding. Like a meteor of emotions which hurtles toward a helpless child, I felt defeated. There was nothing left for me to do but one, something so horrendous yet so spectacular, it had to be done. No credo does one follow in jibing as he has done. Nothing was fair. I felt no joy in life, as if I had been bought and forgotten like an exhausted toy, I’d lost my usefulness. This personal revenge seemed so much more empirical than societal justice. It was to be, it had to be.

Through life experience I have discovered that we women cannot give in to our inner desideratum for one to hold us and love us unconditionally. This done in order that we do not let a manifestation of the inexplicable rage we can feel be released; for fear of grim consequences. And this innate desire from which our insecurity develops disallows rational thinking even at the lowest level. Thus shaping future events and painting us ever so complexly as the monster behind. Yet they do it so well I have come to understand as I reflect upon these happenings, that these men seem to be almost naturals.

A woman out of place in her own city without a husband is like a stray dog; she feels neither wanted nor needed by anyone, nor is respect or pity given, simple pathos is not elicited by such an outcast. I do not believe that in life a woman has much chance of decision changing. It seems unfair that once she has accepted the master of her soul and body she may not tactfully flee from obligation as a man may in our Communist state of China. These were thoughts of which I was balancing out in order to come to a decision of my plan of action for vengeance, you see Emperor; it felt as if I had become nothing more than an enemy to my new home country and it wasn’t even my fault.

Then he waltzed in, bathed in arrogance and self respect, a pitiful man. Chairman Xreon had this way about him which made me cringe, not in self pity as some, but in disgust and repulsion of our ‘ever glorious’ leader. He came to a quick halt near five paces from me and, surrounded by his posse of muscle-bound guards, spoke at once “You are not welcome anymore you foreign woman, my daughter is bound to your husband which leaves no space for you or your offspring. Therefore I promulgate that you be gone by tomorrow night or face prison. These are your choices.” His imposing force was nothing that would quench my fierce rage; tamper with a woman’s marriage and you shall cop her full scorn, any man knows the extent of such tempestuous ferocity. He of all people should have known that I am no commoner; a foreigner may be, but my power as an official’s wife in China, as well as my majestical powers in persuasion were enough for me to manipulate those I needed to. One thing I gathered was that he feared me, not in the moment while he was surrounded by guards, but he knew I would not let them get away with such evil without a fight.

This strong, well groomed leader knew the extent of his enormous power, a single word and any of his foolish supporters would die for him. He was almost godlike to them. Truly it was a difficult task to plan but I knew his weakness and that was his downfall as you know, Eternal Emperor. We exchanged what I would now describe as a verbal joust in which Chairman Xreon accused me repeatedly of having evil in my heart toward his daughter and soon to be son in law. He was indeed partly right, but he did not however take into account that at that moment he was sealing his own fate as well, something such arrogant leaders should be aware of. Suddenly, as if to signify my lack of importance and possibly for his own personal confidence, he then turned abruptly and was gone as if he had never been. But I had felt his words pierce me in very soul, there truly was no other option, I knew that I must act promptly for fear of consequences.”

At this it seemed the Emperor was satisfied and although I could not read his face, a skill of which I believe only an Emperor can have, I gathered that he would keep to his word.

Edward is a well-travelled student, he excels in academics and in the sporting arena. His passions are Jesus, rugby and writing. He hopes to be a psychologist in his adult years.