My Early Glory Days at Glen Elm by Matthew Harris

Hot embers cracked, popped and snapped in the grid-iron grate and sent a furious burst of sparks that quickly ignited adjacent seasoned logs (strategically situated in the behemoth Benjamin Franklin fireplace) and provided an immediate glow and warmth to the make shift maternity ward!

A midwife sat vigil at the bedside of my mother (i.e. the wife of the most estimable and revered captain Leiper – whose family harkened to a long line of maritime and sea worthy stock) on that bitterly cold and terribly snowy January thirteenth nineteen hundred and fifty nine!

Outside the air tight, feng shui aligned trappings that defined this well nigh perfectly wrought geometric shaped squared off cozy four walls, a ferocious blizzard brazenly roared like the might of some jungle beast!

Inside the demesne of this Glen Elm estate and far from the madding fury of nature’s wrath, a barely audible plaintive wail faintly echoed the intense maelstrom!

Thus Matthew Scott tested (a cappella) his lungs for the first time!

Upon said denouement (of yours truly) by hoof beat, Morse code and town crier (who would ring the bell and clapper loud and clear), the storied birth of this rather scrawny and newly minted bon vivant vested gentry became announced with fanfare!

As if on cue, the arctic blown naked branches (akin to like minded legal specialists from the same bailiwick nodded their heads) and appeared to emulate mock congratulation!

Boughs bending with awesome callisthenic flexibility, high-fiving each other and performing ritualistic self choreographed improvisational dance and song routine would seem to pay obeisance to the latest aristocratic heir apparent!

Those formative years (now just a kaleidoscopic blur) merely recall shadowy sets of first one set of nimble hands after another caressing, patting, reaching out et cetera, to swathe, pamper and molly coddle me!
Childhood additionally found this somewhat shy offspring to receive repeated unequivocal accolades and overtures for one groomed for the role of vaunted savior!

Such a benevolent status and red carpet treatment (and engendering a growing following of commoner and royalty alike time and again) still allowed, enabled and provided an ability to deflect pomp and circumstance and present a humble and modest mien!

Perhaps on account of this buffered, gilded, and pampered debut and subsequent progression thru the rocky shoals of pre-pubescence and thence early adulthood, an accidental discovery arose at an innate ability to quell even a horse whisper hint of recalcitrant or incendiary civil indiscretion!

Perchance in regard to this inherent possession to affect peace and serenity merely thru via willful thought processes, a host of opportunities blossomed to fraternize, hob knob and schmooze with the choice to court the debutante of choice!

No matter!

Every first and last marriageable lass in the meadowland (and her aunt, mother, sister, et cetera) seemed intent to pledge her troth toward this modest and most sought after early twentieth century bourgeois male!

One and all welcome to attend the wedding!