“Stetson's Dogma” | |… by hi(y)per-b===z%-7

Information is lost and dwindled
An easy entropy;
easy to get beautifully stupid

Buckets of neutron stars (spill) over..|.|.|.\
- Spliced with coupons and earl grey tea
Tumbling toward the event horizon

Stetson is armed to the teeth with unexploded aneurisms,
Indexed fingers leafing through alternate universes
Impenetrably oblique like tangled taxes

/A go-between temporal,
and motion conspicuously meaningless.\
Resurgence and Inundation are trademark(?)s. . .

Stetson staggers idiotically in the fourth dimension
wagging the dogma of limited offers,
“Buy One And Get One Free!”

….A cursor flies blithely along the axis
you may drag “AND drop [your PANTS[ here…\
Take a screen dump, then flush thoroughly

You should know: Stetson’s covert operations
are common knowledge and common place. }228
Insurrectioned and (yes) Symptomatic

So. A piano plays in an empty room…{{{{
It is … an enveloping and cacophonic dissonance:
Insistent on a reverential trance ;

Stetson reclines at resignation’s interval,
spooked by euphorian sunsets,
Polarized by variable cusp

Hi(y)per-b===z%-7 is a legal practitioner, freelancer and prolific writer of pretentious obscure nonsense.