“Ocean, you’re an ocean (or ref# LD23e38411)” by hi(y)per-b===z%-7, the author of Syllogies of Roman Outbuildings In the First Century BC and other notable titles.

Fuck, what a day for cleaning.
\…get the place all nice n spruced up,
from time to time, your obsolescence….
Synthetic planes and best of wishes
scrawled repeatedly across a vast slushy void of calling cards
…House proud and dust free.\
……. but you’re never really dust free

A concept twists and turns on the breeze.
Waiting for conception, and a discount reward card.
File your Imagineering projects in triplicate ||
Are we on the same page?
A: (doubtful we would ever know)
It’s doubtful we would ever.
&&{]%%}[%%]{{%%}]{[TELEPATH(<,, ,,, vector; %%{{{}{}}$$
because your invoices? !woo! they’re never outvoiced by anyone

You’re walking a fine line.
gifting ‘all’ of your unleavened semantics –
Bolstered , by robust offspring and phalanx ,
Shogunistic and scattered by unusual dynamo
It’s a long-surpassed nuance, of a fading age of treason
And lifted to a higher ground.
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ & COOT||||||[[]\[[][{{]{{[{]]}]]][{{}}][][[][[[[][]]}}]
Why not go later when there’s less traffic on the roads?
Trustees mill about on the docks.
A slow wind puffs through the pylons….’
It’s a bottle of wine, love. Get over it.
But your waves snapping back in a complex unsightly gridlock
, causing a furor on the steps of the legislature,
It’s causing a furor,
^ &&|||twee%\\\\\ []][]][]][]][/?4$for$for$for$for$+(((((//
…. and architects of their own catastrophic demise

Pulsating signals --- blind your antennae
\Get on with it, and please shut your complaining./
Coaxial quicksand, inversed with some precision;”
Always overrided, often underappreciated.
A hopping gaiting ball of charismatic vector interwoven
….Obsolete, your hands down,
(())((|)((||)(||))___coded? (y/n), >n,,..,,..,,..,,..{|{|\\\///%of
gestured. yes you see your Oceanic Vikings sinking

Hi(y)per-b===z%-7 is a legal practitioner, freelancer and prolific writer of pretentious obscure nonsense.