27 lede

Visitation by Troy Prichard

Anxiously the young boy stares through the sliding glass door. Piercing the everydayness of the parking lot he has become accustomed to. A fervent almost desperate hope fuels the search for his Dad. Tommy hasn’t seen him in over two months. For a growing boy that is a really long time. Everything has changed since then. His Mom is different; her boyfriend Rick is different, and now even the place Tommy lives is different.
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In My Own Words by Joshua Shockey

“Strict Land” by Renee-Louise Carafice

There was a guy who pointed at another guy and said, “Damn you” at him.
That really doesn’t seem like such a big deal until you realize
The powerful kings / gods / dead sons / traumas
That this whole thing tied into
With our community never having been quite overcome by the total logic
Of Pakeha dumb anti-meaning.

An Officer and Some Gentlemen by J.A. O’Sullivan

Don't fuck it up.
I won't fuck it up.
Seriously. Don't.
I won't.
Grab the tail and help me push him in.

Innocence Found by Oliver Woormfryes

The Great Mendacious Journey by Edward Armstrong

I sat heavily under the weight of my burdens, how the race of humanity has too sat idly by as their brothers and sisters in species die the slow death we call life which I’ll never understand. The lounge gave gently away under me like a splendid cloud as I suspiciously eyed my brown leather journal with that strap I’d attached rather hastily the previous summer.