29 lede

Infinity by Douglas Colby

By now you have to know that it was me who has been murdered. I can remember it feeling like I was falling asleep. Something like that. Like I had stopped breathing and started again without ever needing to think about it. It was just like that. The pillow was placed over my face. I felt arms around me. I knew that either I inhaled or forever be called a failure.
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Str8, No Chaser by Nick Mwaluko

I’m doing research on women before my transition into manhood. I figure a new body with a new penis will lead to a radically different sex life, so I want to prepare before my surgery. Most researchers prefer books. I prefer living subjects. Knowing first-hand how to handle a straight girl is crucial to my survival as a new man. Plus, I doubt a book or medical journal has been written that explains how to achieve orgasm when a new penis meets a mature pussy. By the way, if a doctor or other medical professional plans on writing that book, I’d be more than happy to volunteer my services. Suggested title for suggested essay in suggested book: “Mature Pussy Meets New, Improved Penis.” Suggested subtitle: “New Penis More Powerful Than African Strongman, Longer Than Nigeria’s Dictatorship.”

Until the End of the World by Wilbert Stanton

I sat on the park bench holding my messenger bag close to my chest. The weight of the world seemed to be in that bag. There were no books or parcels, just one solitary knife. It had a wooden handle and a dull tip; its edges were serrated, and the commercials promised it would cut through anything including a steel pipe in a matter of minutes. That was a refreshing thought; I had an irrational fear of stabbing someone to death, having a hard time breaking the surface, or if a bone got in the way of vital organs. It would make for an uncomfortable situation; frankly I would rather have the certainty of knowing that the first strike meant death. Surely a slit across the throat would suffice, but that seemed so messy and downright over the top. I wasn't a killer and I didn't plan on using such barbaric tactics. No, the kitchen knife came with a guarantee to cut through anything or your money back. I for damn sure kept the receipt.