A Goddamned Riot. by Shane Jesse Christmass

Sheinberg getting all her National Socialist/Skinhead-type tattoos removed. Some other guy getting an washing machine symbol taken off via laser. Some other guy asking about getting a Suduko put on his thigh as new work. What a bunch of arseholes! They want to build up or burrow underground, they got some problem with being street level. They continue whispering to the microphones until eyes slip shut at the same moment as mine. My poor eyesight, away from the door, Sheinberg wearing and lie upon the blanket in flat y-fronts, just unpegged from the line. The taxi driver disappears. Sheinberg is locked in here, inside the cupboard, with these faecal things. Pretty girls begin begging. Sheinberg is one of them. She pleads almost, to the ribs ripped off her. “Lies!” the crowd bellows. All garlic and pepper lime, bad breath dipping from their mouths. Suddenly a shivaree, a newlywed couple, neighbours with pots and pans, relentless banging. One terrified nurse assisting the surgery states something that Sheinberg says in code.

The subject asks, "We are you. We captives are afraid and are either dead in high concentrations.” This was before closed dysfunction. They were all terminally ill. A civic disorder. I just smiled at the tattooist.

"Have you forgotten so easily?" Sheinberg asked me as she sipped her Coca-Cola. Ice cubes producing occasional squeaks.

I looked at hookers across the street. I started taking notes in my notebook. As a researcher myself, I postulated about the streetwalkers. They looked lovely in their lipstick, leather berets, mired in teeth-biting dust, vaginas all metres wide. Shrews, crones, all remodelled in a strenuous exercise to not look middle-aged and cramped.

I trooped back to the hotel, hardly awake, tearing most of the way through the hotel’s forecourt, waving the unfurled bankroll backward in my hand. Sheinberg would be over later. Sheinberg’s a good sort, all her brainwaves, Vermouth-soaked in her smile several times on my watch. Wasn’t much of a strenuous exercise to watch her, and in the morning my head would always lightly hit the pillow, effectively immune to the sedative she was supplying. The anesthetic gas was brought out. It caught my eye. There was a second of disturbing sound, the captives started to be turned back on, lest they fall now, healing hands. Brainwaves in the bed everynight, the original experimental pigs of ECG.

“We are what you are Sheinberg," I told her as she entered the room.

The drowse of it all, instigated over the years I lived in Cambodia, the time period it was called Kampuchea. Luckily gas again, Sheinberg and I all inhaling it. Our only one response was given: be sealed in now…  Now… NOW! Brainwaves showed over the glass portholes. The screaming-promptly man was strapped to the table.

"What are his struggles?” Sheinberg asked me.

“He struggles to not be subdued,” I told her.

In Yugoslavia building roads the forest, that where Sheinberg and I were holing out, in the buildings near the deadly forest. In off about something.

“Well, what do kind of patient could write this message?” she asked.

“I’ll tell you who! A drunk, delirious, dim-witted, dull-footed imbecile, that’s who!”

It was continued to talk about increasingly traumatic incidents and began to wheeze loudly, attempting to I be contentious. However, blind gift shop, kept in a sealed environment to carefully would be freed if they submitted to his vascular system than blood. Even after and I remember thinking I'm they use a pen and pad fetched so the for three hours straight, he continued attempting exposing the lungs through the ribcage. All moment in your deepest animal mind. We we would have been all the stairs, at the Pakse International Airport poor man! given him to prepare him for the his blood had triple the normal level ran the length of the chamber repeatedly wired for EEG most of the researchers to where they were and started to back into the chamber awaiting determination as gave the order to seal the chamber having been promised (falsely) thatAdded by Ovalh3they with all his might, first left, then never determined. All four 'surviving' test subjects it did the why I don't do each other and began alternately whispering to heard a single phrase in a calm five must still be alive. In fact small, about the size of not soldiers

only, my man! My left alone with my test subjects. They began to scream louder the subjects could only follow the attending can take you sipped it, chilling my magnificent temple, it’s as needful trailer of the rickety ride out to perched on well. It took only a little more sunburn. The dust, good old as certain EEG flatlined as the subject weakly choked the remaining members of the medical and seen to beat for a full two researchers with their eyes. The paralytic cleared was an irritable feeling in in Cambodia, first five days; the subjects hardly complained beer, listening to insurance payout, no one saucepan with fish and soy in its and he agreed, for kept down people would consume at a very heavy go to the nocturnal haven where we not been so much as touched. There three was taken to the only surgical wrist, even through the weight of a the users ‘low’ setting. He knew he being sealed in the chamber again the he lives fresh way a for the realised that I had flooded world, democracy, into the waterbed. scattered,

came, by the progress 1970. Back then it was taps, which flail for another three minutes, struggling to research team fled the room. "I won't surviving subjects. The commanding officer, an ex-KGB to beg or object to surgery, and gas back on. The chamber was opened rolled into midtown Siem Riep, valuing them area, silverworks, curios, my thrat with a did, so, after checking in, the day’s windows into the chamber to monitor them. it... or rather didn't react to it. Russian researchers in the late 1940s kept coming with five people inside. The oxygen turned the gun on the mute subject cannot tread."

The researcher paused. Then aimed instead saw potential, and wanted to see at the subject's heart and fired. The could speak they were again asking for roads, not those Prabang at 7:30am, touching then Petersburg, source of the Mekong in restraints were reinforced and they were placed blanket onto the impressive. I still had She was grabbing my keys, I

The food rations past day five had what would happen if they were put The researchers, facing the wrath of their living subjects had his spleen ruptured and their company over his fierce anger all brainwave monitor only one nurse saw his closed, his heart stopped. In the autopsy put up a fierce fight in the similar phenomenon… heat was blinding and objected, but were overruled.

In preparation for fresh air and immediately voices from the focus on. The remaining subject was holding Survived Laos Airlines, that was across the second survivor had been the first of had escaped, and It’s a very popular the same flatlines as one who had His vocal cords destroyed he was unable it? The job! regards to the external deed on the taxi driver’s my mind, him, intensity between and the nature security. your money.” I beamed, wanted goddamned head like paranoia… occur with a would his eyes met hers.

When the surgery they had just been taken out and I turned the television on to be But with the leap of floor. Lying to the FCC, the old head anyway. family, but here’s the rub… erectile why they wanted to be given the with wings of darkness. It assumed it a morphine derivative and still fought like on the floor or you will be town. I was personally fantastic tasting. monitored and it was noted that they

In the struggle one of the four Passage which face. The movie was Lethal the operating table it was found that of subjects that could speak was humming didn't kill them, since it was toxic destruction of flesh and exposed bone on arm of one doctor. When heart was try the surgery without anesthetic, and did with both subjects inside, as well as why they had injured themselves, why they he could change it, “Yes, was going he is filled full in and now the slightest account and trinket as 'Oh, They were normal most of the time "I must remain awake."

All three subject's your immediate freedom."

To their surprise they their finger tips indicated that the wounds minutes after he had bled out to A button on a plastic the Siem gravely injured by having his testicles ripped Milanese to happiness. The "I suicidal, in Her filthiness is the flesh; heat. The flew to my stubbled face, tuk over how it was Tralee Whey eased back that she had seen the patients mouth of the fourteenth day the researchers did a jaunty ride the humidity was, the anesthetic than normal to put him under, two-hundred pound soldier holding that wrist as the stimulant gas. The researchers tried asking I do wish they'd

think broke the people and five inch thick glass porthole sized There was a not entertaining the proposal Mel Gibson "But, he was something more The chamber was stocked with books, cots canvas, and explain the reasons turned it guys ut whole bunch of loss and coals, it was a giant a bullet? than ever, and so did the soldiers the circumstances and events that lead them other passion, and, above all, me. The state that any of them in 'life.' the microphones and one way mirrored portholes. as the researchers initially thought. Closer examination a cornered animal, breaking the ribs and and he had broken nine bones in I had a had the advantage of this point all three were putting up the

prisoners were separately and I think of severed by one of the subject's teeth. enemy. Should be sung, lest of an researchers attempted to sedate him but this death, before returning to normal. As they I started shaking Laos, it had been out, "So... nearly... free..."

the free market, god-willing self-government, all over that savagery.”

“Was it Rm. 42, the concierge hullabaloo, a melee cardboard spindle. I had the potholed issue was that the Mel Gibson ringing I ordered a plate War II.

Everything was fine for the found it impossible to perform the operation by accident in in Zagreb, atrocity, if subjects were given the same surgery, both should wax faint through opened Involved in subjects in captivity with them. At first alternately begged and demanded that the gas they used the intercom inside the chamber, at its gates as

At this

moment she was I'd imagined the as well as Pakse. big old fried stew, served stated I asleep...

To everyone's surprise the test subjects microphones.

After three more days passed. The not changed; and to lay to the deemed enemies of the state during World restrained and moved to a medical facility, to open the chamber at midnight on loudly and continuously; the mute subject was lower back to his shoulders was strange. noticed was that wanted to get into also had large portions of muscle and procedure of replacing his abdominal organs and to the Phsar my visa into Cambodia; and had their restraints padded for long a match, but gathered around the airport over, holding grab a meal in The a hotel. I sat out

unroll the the fifteenth day.

The chamber was flushed judges the free expression canopy of a

four-post yelling at the top of his lungs near where I lay down like Wagner?" Ladies generally! and all honesty, wasn’t too the two with intact vocal cords continuously in which case, I'm fucked tower over right, then left again for something to are the madness that lurks within you the duration of the operation. The surgeon pen just lying under the nobody wants something of drastic importance the surgeon had are what you hide from in your life of loved ones to turn the he had physically torn his vocal cords. to last all five for over a to return to the chamber to remove of time and they were soon trying aspect after the four day mark.

After psychosis had already occurred … trick. We repeatedly that it should be medically possible and soldiers sent in to retrieve the rooms on the floor, the smitten him: It was two in the were three hotel laundry, then to be a royal cheerful fellow, smiling, young, skinny, usually looked there and I'm seeing under the couch demonstrate severe paranoia. They stopped talking to to scream but was only able to driver’s name was Vannak. He to do to get into The first thing I and blew his brains out as well. could win the trust of the experimenters but we diplomats, look upon a tuk research. Unable to provoke any more response an experimental gas based stimulant. They were was settling kroma-cropped women doing the Asia, the hotel didn’t have is gonna focused on paper scrolling out of the some shop selling lacquer-ware, some like some suicide in the weeks following the incident. laid on the floor, fanning out around was transferred. Everybody thinks I'm fight off he bled out almost immediately. The medical the test subjects. They continued to scream by turning over their comrades, the other pelted it in her own

degradation, but bottom; and squinted at it was a pleasure I besought

them tone the running in weak attempt to attended your His some attempting to cover them with what remained their own feces and pasted them calmly the gas. It was obvious that at as if he were repeatedly suffering brain which was really the coal master of of Beef Lok in a bandanna, a months, there it is…”

On the yes, all goals of their project considered euthanizing the off and an artery in his leg of the gas itself...

After nine days it impossible that no sound could be of the revolution, ride into Siem Riep subject, still restrained to a bed as through to Pub by the pool, drinking be freed."

Debate broke out among the the blood vessels and organs remained intact, digesting food. It quickly became apparent that an upward I cranked the volume slightly. kept awake...

The most injured of the was odd given that the South East water, I Sylvia turned her steps in flight left Luang dustbowl; roads were new inches of water to accumulate on the sweat, my cool bar fridge. A few tuk in Siem Riep was utilitarianism for he, as right, huh. Anyway I remember wasn’t humbling, the I But the

murderous party were inflicted by hand, not with teeth my room, and with every it’s a in the

streets, sunset, but usually the souvenoir addition, I slew him. before the I told her of my stranger said,

"Where's I gave notice course of

the night she to turn the body over why I more to here than just psycho pension, chamber, blocking the drain and allowing four hoping to provoke any response from the books apart, smeared page after page with of them were from the force his five days they started to complain about the researchers suspected this was an effect who the fuck was I out of make you laugh! You know checked in. head yes when someone suggested, reluctantly, they process of being removed from the chamber. half an hour to jump like a dancer at the Basically, I'm fucked.”

I sipped soothing draught of acquainted with

every family of but wish that God would I came to get shade out the Who art than ten times the human dose of of the five subjects were still alive, eaten over the course of days.

Most breast, they give to Bob Aran. He were monitoring his brain waves in surprise. sauce. It’s becoming a dancer became dashed, the first of them started screaming. He Laos, here of the plastic box, it across Danny Glover’s wrinkled crumpled assured me to drive over, I was encountering now. military 'benefactors' for having failed the stated Oddly they all seemed to think they the ardour and a tiny man, younger thirty days. Their conversations and activities were pushed off, with

you like libido, but all by the at the facility, but still many refused skin torn away from their bodies. The how Saloth bottled water. Grabbed the bottled I’d be a daughters--if he

has any! the and the instant his eyelids fluttered and nothing. I talked freely to all men were cancer patients all chaos and noise. commander point blank between the eyes, then it was hot, but the the coal

He pointed his gun at the remaining slapping from myself, dirt rolling couldn’t help monitor their oxygen intake so the gas It was small enough to there on then flatlined for the last time as done it for The

journeyman went to the teacher called Saloth individuals. Most of them do you come like unperfumed foundation, I it was the amount of oxygen five four floors. Actually the dream. I knocked where the Boulevard intersected with was trying sure they were working, since they thought off, I could watch this to the using the intercom it was finally decided drank up their fountain wholly formed in lives if you count ones that committed of their conversations took on a darker have his organs placed back within his was eye of

passion felt if Maximilian were scream. The two non-screaming captives took the to get a reaction from the captives, me. I needed U.S. currency something. The Not with you!" he screamed at the his heart simultaneously stopped.

The only remaining to escape their bonds. The moment they the word "MORE" over and over, weaker shops that were mainly at park was the subjects. The digestive tract of all river to sup my Coke. to receive of them were self-inflicted.

The abdominal organs the tuk tuk. Because I a bit to calm anxiety afraid of having ended, researchers checked the microphones hourly to make billowed into the Hotel/motels were rising from circuit cameras so they had only microphones trusting, I was unable to off the of oxygen. His muscles that were still place she Jewish guests by roll on My wishing for her, as up, was while the patients laughed continuously. Once paralyzed attack anyone in reach and just repeating I don't do it? This in two his sanctuary, he really savagery?”

“Yes, yes, I stimuli. Tralee Whey He turned the electric of the test subject that died on plans, firstly get a ride the definitions might happen if I looked colonial chauvinism, be ever; yea that it runs right what they were digesting was their own One of the Russian soldiers died from having his throat ripped out, another was violently in disapproval when the anesthetic gas it! Every single day! You turned out the roof, there for the first moment; in their past, and the general tone tuk tuks, it upon peering, interested. “Where pulled the bandanna just been informed by body it was found that he was I saw him area that wasn’t undercover, cans of Angkor took my seat; the such thoughts were the elderly. The people some psychosocial counselling.

musing, and everlasting youth to the eviscerated but still living bodies of well. He was bawler against those writings,

The surviving three test subjects were heavily out and do the job originally asked disease, if Thy it, I liked it, lungs and diaphragm remained in place, the water and toilet, and enough dried food than me, yet certain considerations, stood are the last of couch, I've been looking, a good comrade ground, skerrick of bitumen or vegetables.

They announced: "We are opening simple. "Keep cutting."

The other two test his head off his pillow and blinking slip that they were going back on meant to make correct them. was you me. I turned the shower The most surprising thing about this behavior haven't seen it Bad lot. However, I subjects were connected to an EEG monitor attached to his skeleton were badly torn the riddle; and it is I guess to jettison that reposing sort a secret young man, of a kinswoman, mosquitoes, calf voice response: "We no longer want to Siem Riep, but of pumping dust that and I see this gold direction and month.

The test subjects were political prisoners and weaker, until he finally fell silent. zealous to register on one’s in a sedate into silence and paralysis when you had recovered her belonging to the resident

population; three researchers. One of the named three wounds indicated that most if not all which case, I'm fucked and '"Senores, concierge called over a guide, pen. Gold counter where I’d to purchase my visa but sometimes flat lined inexplicably. It looked to be left in the chamber and operating room that the facility had. In microphones began to object. Three different voices climbed the heather-clad slopes that to stand to sleep on but no bedding, running Riep River seemed creek-like, a here over As with most buildings in afternoon, but surgery. He fought furiously against his restraints for the patient to still be alive. a reason not senses. her fears. had ripped out their own guts and their system in an abnormally short period door by which the channels: various football begging for the gas demanding to be straining his legs against the leather bonds rapidly. Having been the first to be five people awake for fifteen days using stopped struggling the moment it was let of his skin. The surgeon presiding stated plane. I roared across the know why to draw a the Earth. So here’s the group of five to start screaming. falling down changed?

Such things was I speaking, the process of preparing the subject to subject that could speak started screaming to a great struggle to stay awake. One were chunks of meat from the dead talk while struggling. Assuming this must be without anesthetic as well. Although they had is the perfection, leave the airport to free your people from the a minority was brought near him. He shook his noted that I I turned my cheek back on the gas. The researchers strongly of the twilight, the sweat, more meaningful. Another five of the soldiers lost their whether among wood. the fourth floor was the first thing I noticed. off, then Siem Riep to Angkor, that shower. Later, YOU?" he demanded. "I must know!"

The he only reacted by shaking his head Weapon, so Foreign Correspondent’s Club which has yes…” Fourth floor I assumed, fields.”

“He didn’t teeth, it was woman, and master for bad. Lunch was afterhours. He’d seen a my guide that the Khmer Rouge, all test subject's thighs and chest stuffed into Huh? Well, I do! I of good the dresser. I flicked through key, entering to be injected with a paralytic for down at Vientiane, they think I'm faking the intensity of muddy drainage system only immediately changed to that of deep sleep, subjects had been removed. While the heart, to what should be done with them. exchange the money. boil, about midday, in the chamber to test the microphones step I was right, turned out smoke. There researchers and the military forces funding the of the position and angles of the the sun crested in the than an to put him under. He managed to scorch from the the bar, an attempt

Shane Jesse Christmass is an Australian author. He edits the journal Queen Vic Knives. He’s also a member of the band Mattress Grave. He also firmly believes that the future of the word, the novel, will be in synthetic telepathy. His writing is archived at Lupara Publishing.