meat market in this manse world! by Matthew Harris

     Prior to shifting gears to second (among the gritty streets of this urban area known as the city of angels), an automatic reflex found me to rev the engine full throttle in reverse (nearly jamming the gear shift in the process), and steer the wheel (of my old battered 1995 Subaru Legacy) while peering backward all the while toward a waif like woman advertising sex in this most dangerous, rundown gruesome alleyway in a Los Angeles ghetto!
     Amidst the ruins of derelict dilapidated tenements (strewn with the detritus of human flotsam), this aspiring female writer stopped her car!
     Stacey (who just barely whispered her name happened to be a street walker dressed in her scantily clad outfit) explained the reason such an abrupt decision took place to slam on the brakes!
     Upon opening the driver side door, she willingly entered and promptly dug her scythe lent fingernails (expressly unsheathed for aphrodisiac generating purposes) and dug deep into the flesh of my bony shoulder blades!
     No matter hustling (albeit as a same gender first timer - and quite delightful) with this receptive client, the popularity of her reputation triggered MOTORAZR phone she carried buzzed nonstop!
     I silently accepted, acquiesced such nail biting tearing of the flesh, expected eventual scarring without regret and felt no discernible pain from this reaction!
     An out of body experience found me observing how the sharp blood red nail polish matched the trickle of sans droplets doing a sort of corpuscular slalom down the ridges and ruffles of my well-tanned upper back before coagulating at the minor crest of a very shapely yet minimal gluteus maximus!
     Before surrendering to any further compliance sans libidinal longing, a nonverbal signal (from yours truly) indicated sequestering ourselves in one of the numerous boarded up buildings!
     We clasped hands (as if we spent years as a happily married lesbian couple), and gingerly stepped over heaps of awful smelling rubbish toward the most inviting long vacant and condemned abode!
     Despite the posted “DO NOT ENTER” warning, we blithely and nonchalantly tiptoed hither and yon upon identifying the best pick of the shells once lofty habiliments!
     Enough daylight still existed to traipse upstairs and locate the most suitable space to exercise primal physical intercourse!
     Once we meandered into what appeared to be the master baiting sleeping chamber, an automatic and immediate animalistic urge goaded us to inch ever closer to each other!
     No matter the action seemed quite ludicrous, the bedroom door was pushed closed and latched!
     Analogous to a pussycat getting satisfactorily rubbed, scratched and stroked, she (my current pelvic partner du jure and temporary synchronistic soul connection) purred, nibbled and licked upon this business woman receiving electrifying reciprocal stimulation upon various and sundry areas of that svelte luscious latitude of erotic enticement!
     This introductory forceful embrace allowed us to hold each other close and breathe in the fragrance of the other.
     Teeth accidentally clacked and clicked (like the tappet brothers of car null talk hammering out a piston) against unfamiliar dentifrice while tongues created some playful spur of the moment cat and mouse chase game!
     An excess of saliva spilled back and forth necessitating an intermittent breakaway similar to basketball players dribbling prior to the next ploy!
     She then began simultaneously to tear wildly at getting first herself and then (who else - me) completely undressed!
     Upon one of these occasions, she took the licentious liberty (perhaps with just a bare audible objection) to kiss brow, cheek and nape of neck of this pleasing potential prostitute!
     An especial glandular female aroma wafted my nostrils.
     A spontaneous urge arose for her to nibble (and taste the salt from mine fragrant pheromone laden flesh) and found her tongue doing some data mining around upper arms and setting sights toward these engorged and ripe breasts!
     The surface of her hands seemed colder and rougher against the silky smooth base of my ivory colored bosoms and sent a slight shiver down the fine hairs of my spine!
     Her mouth voluntarily gravitated toward these swollen mammary glands!
     An infantile pang awoke an upon feeling lips suckling this grown woman like a babe being nursing ala much like those iconic Madonna and child images predominant in churches!
     Akin to a newborn, I graciously allowed this oral applique suction upon first one than the other nipple and (even with mine eyes closed) felt circular motions atop sensitive aureoles of each tricking teat!
     Optimism existed to experience milky white substance being drawn out that ranks on a par with the most sought after illegal contraband!
     Deep in the throes of aural, carnal, tactile, et cetera exploration, these ears detected approaching footsteps, which set fear running amuck in this anxiety prone literary gal!
     This internal sensation of doom and gloom got ratcheted up manifold in tandem with an overwhelming panic attack upon discerning that infamous ring tone from the cell phone!
     Stacy reassured me that the soft patter of footwear upon the rubble heap just another wannabe starlet, who sought out some figurative rock of Gibraltar and aspired to win the accolades either of a casting director, or indie producer!
     The latter figured that my je nais sais quois flavor with the english language (perchance such command of lingua franca accurately and amazingly gleaned from a recent craigslist posting) set in motion an intuitive sense that this investigator could be (at a minimal) one stepping stone to that elusive sought after ticket to the outer limits of paradise!
     As time permitted, I quickly learned that both women labored as waitresses at the same (unmentionable) upscale restaurant and forged a twisted sisterly bond that insinuated first one that the other to consider moonlighting as street walkers to further their ambition to fame and fortune!
     Although ensconced in the company of deux delicious darlings, a sudden lust arose to surrender sans the antics of manage a trios!
     The economic challenges drew these young nymphs into (what they naively and innocently believed) earning hand over fist money immune to the oldest female livelihood with deliberate indefatigable energy requisite to relinquishing oneself to the indulgences of promiscuity!
     Although anthropological lineage can be traced with a rather jagged line from that hazy humid dog day afternoon, an ordinate amount of energy plus a preponderant exuberant expenditure of crusading conviction found pitched battles with battle axes and crucifixions following pomp and circumstances infusing the exploits with pomp and circumstances of the fighting machine!
     In essence, the effort to become seduced and desire to succumb into the vortex of these verdant vestal virgins found me essentially playing the role of some pussyfooting kitty to bed down with both this lasses!
     Not at all impossible to reckon how an ordinarily conservative lady could easily acquiesce to such motives, who essentially considered these young women on a par with children that happened to be above average in aesthetic!
     This overactive imagination of mine was certainly putting more energy into the illusory corporeal alignments qua sexual relationships (within a hair’s breath away) than I had put into many other reel ones!
     In addition, I also gave Stacy more attention that was by definition, indivisible, undivided, and relishing the safety of the distance between us by opting to be truthful instead of doling out the white lies that have become the bread and butter staple of real life.
     The Internet alas has provided us with an outlet to express ourselves as candidly, felicitously, ineluctably, lucidly, opportunistically, rhapsodically, unequivocally, and wistfully as we like while tempting us into a state of addiction.
     In Andrew Leonard ‘s article "We’ve Got Mail - Always" he points out how while traveling to Australia he found himself trying to escape into the virtual world simply because he wanted to stay "connected".
     He states "Instead of wandering through the desert seeking out wallabies and feral camels, I found myself dialing long distance to a friend’s University of Melbourne Internet account, and transferring from there via a telnet program to my own account at the Well in San Francisco".
     Although well nigh over a dozen plus years whence stand alone computing machines got linked together prefacing the fledgling assemblage of the World Wide Web!
     Futurists prognosticated premised science fiction scenario themes decades earlier that foretold that upon the promulgation of networks of high powered processors that would foster disenfranchisement from oneself and also develop healthy alliances with other members of the human race to attain mental, physical or spiritual intimacy!