by Troy Baillargeon

bawl on, brown mama.  teach me
teach me bad things, whatlike mercury
drops in a pint of lager.  whatlikewhatlike
children been dropped on their heads.
our schools are better than this.  redwood
canteens full up of vinegar, them
lanterns.  shirley bee(elementary), you was a mystery
to me.  gat me an ontellectual complex.
backwoods dreaming.  dreaming people
actually talked like that.  there was no
brown mama.  there was no montgomery.
there was Though a jester tooth, a melancholy mutilator
touches a beachfeeding
                              and the animals die
touches the stream
            and he touches NO thing
fitting pale greenDressshirt
           almost he almost never buttons properly
       and his eyes is fullasand
from ten thousands of yrsago,
                                                                                                          long since, glass.
                                               with his           with his testimonial whine pitch
playing jokes on allahus
whoa who he what was once a high standing citizen pursuing dayschool
now finds him a joke under Mt. Gomery's MASSiveavaLANCHE.  dealt with
this jester, his was a thoughtless high and his was a testimonial whine pitch filtering out all the all the all the work what makes jack such a dulldull boy all the harmony when harmony wasn't expressly implied as havint hav'n BEEN