“what for what's own sake alone along a leather loway”
by Troy Baillargeon

so on and on and
indecadent bloom
undecorated splendor                           BUD!
and the stranger side
of being high                                        (silence from the pulpit.
in SCIENCE DEFIANCE, gabe's church organ was known to
command fire.  for my I did my part with e
lectric arms; was known to make an old friend suck his teeth and
roll his eyes. a lot sad I did my self there.)       (cock)
can you hear it ever?  that reson
a n c e o f a l l t h e s t r i n g s?
can only be heard in a cold r o o o o o o om somewhere
with Sally Divine and the Green Fairy.  laugh out loud in
the sullied name of dependence as the foundation of any
function is ideally interdependent.  all the unfinity together nOw.
what, pray tell, is now?
nothing evercomes of no thing. once a re
tracting universal center of gravity now
bangs big inbreeding.  always and
                                  never, only
wholly uncalloused army sheds figureheads with darling folly