"My Couch Says" by Fiona Pearse

My couch never asks
Are you winning
What have you done for me
Why not supersize?

Instead it calls me over
You're welcome any time
Have you met remote control?
He was lonely without you

My TV is a window
It fits the world inside
Life is great in pixels
Nothing lasts

Click, the window shows
A couch just like mine
With oversized coffee mugs
And oversized matters

My couch is not that busy
Should I have jumbo coffee?
Couch says not to worry
They're trapped in fact

Click to listless babies
With bodies inside-out
My couch says they're aliens
Keep switching. Quick.

Camp fires burning
Throughout the concrete jungle
Scavengers of justice
By night. Click

A human tide reclaims
The streets for its children
The picture keeps changing
But the monster stays the same

They don't look as comfy as me
Change your mind
Go inside
Find a couch

My couch says
I think too much
Here's a cushion
Have a rest

Fiona Pearse has enjoyed writing as a hobby ever since a short story course at someone else’s suggestion. Last year she began publishing poems and completed a short novel, Orla's Code. Her day job is software development in London’s financial hub. When she’s not working or writing, she’s enjoying the city! Her website, fionapearse.blogspot.com, contains more poems and prose.