“Rock ‘n Roll Reprise” by Jonas Kyle-Sidell

I’ll never forget it. That initial feeling

             The past, present, and future

of life
             fold into a series of implications –

‘cause it’s what

             to throw it over a skillet –

was always there! like knowing someone

             boil it down

from a past one. These are the moments

             simple conception.

we wait for. The rest are

             Well I must be doing something

filler: just grease in the

             right, ‘cause the world looks

pan, man, as darkness

             outta sight. Moments that take you

starts to hunger

             by surprise, give you the strength

for the madness

             to kiss this tic goodbye –

stir-frying before you.

Jonas has had poems published in the L.A. Review, Gargoyle, Pearl, Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, Main Street Rag, The Melancholy Dane, Paradigm, Welter, and Smile Hon! You're in Baltimore. He is currently an adjunct english teacher at the Community College of Baltimore County. He's got more where this came from.