“Who should ever write the poem” by Douglas Colby

“see if the motherfucker can
swim for its life”
—David Lerner, Mein Kampf

The stairway cracks
The ants that tickle your toes
While you’re reading,
Beer in hand,
Mein Kampf
In the middle of the afternoon?

A question? A question?
They arise like soldiers
But nothing as the image of such
Just the mind set of.

You wanna be a fuckin’ outlaw?
Read the pretext of unnecessarily given
Pretextualiziations? The only other longest
Word being rattled in my head:

You want to know something
of pomes?
Read the street sign next to you;
Interpret the reason you carry that saddle bag.

Let me never
Off into a sunset; the
Tree lines face a golden glow
(are you reminded of someone
You knew)
That explosion is imminent—

Douglas Colby resides in Buffalo, NY and is currently enrolled in a master of arts program at Buffalo State College. He can be reached at dglsclby@gmail.com.