>i pine to leave with another poem to spruce up your day if that voluntary action wood be oak k with you??

matthew scott <hay4four@aol.com>Sat, Aug 25, 2012 at 8:51 PM
To: zacharyhblock@gmail.com

the following literary enclosed from this yahoo without any aim
merely to share a spontaneous sentiment, with no intent for fortune nor fame
if ye would joost be game

and enjoy experience - hopefully my literary effort more thought provoking than lame
from this guy noir, who can be addressed by the following christened name -

matthew scott harris

 A MOST FOWL ODOR – emanating from the refrigerator

An atrociously banefully cloyingly decayed deathly deleteriously disquieting dragon, drifted especially fetidly gangrenous, hellishly injurious, jarringly loathsome, malodorously noxious, odoriferous offal, offensively palpable, pestilential pigpen plight, plying poison, putrescent, queasily rotting, sickeningly smell, radiated, reeking thoroughly unwholesome, vilely wicked, yucky zone, zoologically zorro zapping!