“S & M” by Alex Nodopaka

Now I'll have
that woman
for zakuskis/hors d'oeuvres
before my meal-times

First I'll marinate her
sandwiched between herrings
and wash her deep throat
down with Vodka shots

Then stencil her flesh
with steel cookie cutters
into Cyrillic alphabet
and spell Russian poems

Biopsy: Alex Nodopaka was speedily conceived in Kiyv, Ukraine. Cherry-pit-spit, head first in Vladivostok, Russia. He now aspires for mini-cameo appearances in IFC movies if only for the duration of a wink.

(the following addendum bio is superfluous) 

And if it wasn’t enough, Max Lens, a Napoleon biographer, did some hanky panky hoochie koochie with one of my great grandmother. Gengis Khan had also something to do with another great-great-oh-so-great-grandmother. Alex plans to R.I.P next to the red porphyry tomb of the great French Emperor.