“You and a Bottle of Boh” by Jonas Kyle-Sidell

Couldn’t we be on a beach
somewhere [sunlight]? Like your hair, we know
exactly what to do:

            I’ve never worked

without you, I can’t seem to make      a bit of
Is there anything I can do?

            with my mind, but I’m a hard-working

                         If you died, I’d be no

I haven’t yet experienced
that romance
I’m asking for, just the ones
I fear. . .

             man, and these hands

                         worse off, if I never

Your composition
composes me.
Bebop smile, ‘haps lunch in the park, lips like
“I’ll see ya.”

             need a break. Lord knows, I’m tired;

I gotta mind
to see what’s right in front of me – such a familiar
feeling, although
the room’s changed, light’s
the same.

             testifying, it’s a lonely

                         tried – takes an earthquake

That lavender flight. . . Mind like a vacuum
‘cause I needed to write – someone else, here, curl up
lying on the couch with;

            bridge, but I still like

find myself, back, cutting lines
like cocaine, banging
the tremor of our time together, with relief.

             crossing it,

                         feel how much we love each other.

Shinning on a wall, my bedroom
wall. Then out onto the street, past
the awning, spinning               a baby airplane
propeller, or a ninja-star,

             to think of you,

                         Can’t distract            myself

reflecting dense streetlight
in a twirling motion, spotlight
back up to the stars,
catching the night

             while I do. If you plunge


by surprise, these stars
have gone, even though
they’re there –
lost, however, this midnight

             those depths of your mind, you’ll find, “It’s alright.”

of Baltimore.

Jonas has had poems published in the L.A. Review, Gargoyle, Pearl, Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, Main Street Rag, The Melancholy Dane, Paradigm, Welter, and Smile Hon! You're in Baltimore. He is currently an adjunct english teacher at the Community College of Baltimore County. He's got more where this came from.