Young Hero by Shane Langnes

With his butler gone and his alien past revealed, the boy is sent to an orphanage where he discovers his powers. The ability to see the next morning is one of the first powers which, after a few late night predictions, compels the corrupt owners of the Orphanage to attempt to exploit him for profit. Their hopes are dashed when they discover that he can only predict what happens the next morning if the weather is perfect; in all other cases the predictions are incorrect. Infuriated, the orphanage supervisor beats him, causing his next power to emerge: the ability to sneak away silently during a full moon.

One daring escape later, the Orphaned hero is on the street and he befriends a stray dog. Their inseparable connection soon ba pitfall as he is caught by a policeman while trying to talk to the dog. This lands him back in the care of the Corrupt Orphanage Supervisor.

While the Supervisor scolds Innocent Youth, a mysterious stranger walks into his office; and just before the Supervisor strikes the child, a metallic hand reaches out of the Stranger's cloak to stop the supervisor. After a quick “discussion” between Supervisor and Cloaked Stranger, the Innocent Youth leaves with the Mysterious Stranger.

A drive through the town ends in front of a large modern mansion; passing through the doors the stranger throws off her cloak and reveals that—she—is actually an assistant to a local Billionaire. After meeting the staff of the mansion and somehow causing them to perform their offices unusually well, the Young Orphan meets the Billionaire—it's the Bald Evil guy who killed his uncle.

Acting quickly to suppress his anger, noticing that the man has not only not recognized him but had adopted the boy because of the media fiasco surrounding a company he hired to get rid of industrial waste's having been dumped on top of a passing Butler who was been killed.

Back at the Orphanage a letter arrives addressed to the Orphan. When it is opened by the Supervisor's wife, they discover find out that the Case involving his uncle had been settled, and as a result the Orphan will be receiving an incredibly large sum of money—and the two need only to have custody of the child to have it become theirs; they hatch a plan to kidnap the boy, and Null the paper-work filed by the Stranger before he legally becomes the Billionaire's son.

Still feigning to not know that the Billionaire is the guy who killed his Uncle Butler, Innocent Youth tells him that his parents are still alive and that he wants to find them; which impels the Billionaire to Start a Search for his real parents.

The boy wakes up the next day having seen that the Orphanage Supervisor and his wife are going to kidnap him the next morning, and that there's also going to be a stock market crash which will cause a nationwide disaster. Upon revealing this to the Billionaire, and the (Not so Mysterious at this point) Stranger, Innocent Youth is revealed to be is the Uncle Butler's nephew.

Torn by this information and his obligations, the Billionaire resolves that the best way to make things right, and to save the boy, is to bring this information to the President of the United States. The Billionaire calls off the search and charters a flight to the White House.

As the Billionaire, Stranger, and Boy board the plane, a police car,—escorting another, dilapidated vehicle,—halt the flight. The owners of the Orphanage step out of the car brandishing paperwork which shows that they now have custody of the boy.

As they close in on the Innocent Youth, meaning to take him back to the orphanage, the Stranger jumps in between them, buying time for the Billionaire and the Boy to get on the plane to the White House.

On the plane, the Billionaire frantically calls in all the favors he can to solicit an emergency meeting with the President and cabinet. When the plane lands they are escorted to the White House to warn the president.

The Billionaire takes the Boy and his dog to the Oval Office, where a frantic seeming group of people in suits are trying to figure out what matter could demand such urgent attention. Innocent Youth relates to them the vision he saw of the country in disarray after an economic meltdown.

Brow furrowed, the President mulls this news, being swayed this way and that by his cabinet; he thanks them for their time and has the secret service escort them out and back to their plane.

On the plane they watch tensely as the President addresses the nation; and, upon landing, breathe a sigh of relief. But this moment is short lived, for the couple are still there with the legal papers claiming custody of the child.

Just as he is put into their car to be sent back to the Orphanage, the Mysterious Stranger reveals herself to be his real bio-mechanical mother whom the Billionaire had saved after their Spaceship crashed.

The boy reunited with his mother and the country once more safe, they return home to the secret base on the moon whence they came.

As the ship blasts off, with Innocent Youth and his Mother, a weather report is broadcasted on the radio in the police car:

Fifty per cent chance of rain tomorrow morning.

Shane Langnes is twenty-three years old, and a U.S. Navy veteran, who is currently attending University in Louisiana. When asked what inspires him, he responds, "I just like to write stories I want to read. Thanks for reading". (