Things that have flown out of the book. by Shane Langnes

Pink pusfilled bat.

Disembodied voice.

One frozen Tootsie pop.

Fifteen dollars, with Benjamin Franklin’s face on them.

A large basketball.

A pair of plaid pants.

A half eaten hamburger with green meat.

Ten small people who suffocated and disintegrated.

A model of an atom.

A brown cowboy boot. Unable to discern if it’s the left shoe or the right shoe. Size 6 ½.

A head of cabbage with eyes of cabbage and mouth of cabbage. Upon further dissection, the eyes are brussels sprouts.

One black video cassette. Writing is indecipherable.

A large neodium magnet. Destroyed roll of film used to photograph the other objects.

An abacus with a screen. Possible an ancient calculator.

The engine of a small jet plane.

Neatly folded three legged pants.

One white plastic wire.

Shane Langnes is twenty-three years old, and a U.S. Navy veteran, who is currently attending University in Louisiana. When asked what inspires him, he responds, "I just like to write stories I want to read. Thanks for reading". (