Delicacies by Meredith Turits

1. I watched a man with no teeth choke on a bagel on the subway. I sat across from him as the dough slipped through the gap in his mouth and down his throat. He tried to chew with his gums, but it was too late. People around him watched as he convulsed, gestured at his sternum, and fell off the seat onto the floor.

2. I watched a young girl eat a beignet while standing up holding the pole in the center of the car. The cream squirted out onto her nose, where she first left it. She steadied herself, removed her grip, and tucked the excess cream back into the pastry. Her mother grabbed her hand.

3. I watched a teenager dig into a half-watermelon with a plastic spoon while splayed out across an entire train’s bench. She misted the person next to her with pink juice and laughed with her friend.

4. I watched a couple leave behind Starbucks cups in the space between the wall and the seat. The next person to sit down did not notice.

Meredith Turits was born in New York, and spent most of her youth riding the 6 train in and out of the East Village. She is the online associate editor at Glamour, and a freelance writer. Meredith can be found in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and at and @meredithturits.