Batman vs. Wolverine by Shane Langnes

Three years of planning, one reconstructive surgery, and a mutated warlord left Batman with one hell of a grudge. The man only known as Wolverine had certainly done a number on the dark knight, when he showed up with evidence that a five man heist that had gone wrong in Gotham had ties to him. His perfect plan, unraveled by a simple receipt.

The Batman had made a miscalculation though. The man he thought was just a run of the mill criminal mastermind was actually a mutated steel reinforced freak of nature with a mean streak longer than the equator.

'Bats' showed up and was blind sided by three metal claws to the side of his face. He lay there mortally wounded by the one foe who could have defeated him, but for some reason he didn't. It would later be found out that he had gotten some sort of bad feeling as though this single element didn't fit into his master plan, but his victim would never know this.

The darkness and blood ran over Batman's other eye as he lost consciousness in that Moroccan alleyway. The last thing in his mind was his final memory of his parents, before he awoke three weeks later in a local's apartment with no recollection of who he was or how he had gotten there.

Shane Langnes is twenty-three years old, and a U.S. Navy veteran, who is currently attending University in Louisiana. When asked what inspires him, he responds, "I just like to write stories I want to read. Thanks for reading". (