Detailed Report & Memoir: (Scrying Attempt). by Shane Jesse Christmass

In the 1900s, optical fibres became a medium for telecommunications; these fibre lines were strands of glass that carried gravity, and were involved in attempts to produce a unified field theory; a theory that explained the three fundamental forces: gravity, electromagnetism, and the strength of weight under gravity.

I was experienced in freefall, or orbit, I didn’t appreciate the balancing within the force of gravity with other forces, such as electromagnetism or an aerodynamic lift, and thought it was silly. Instead, I believed that anti-gravity required that the fundamental causes of the force of gravity be made, either not present in, or not applicable, to the place, or society within which it wished to exist.

Web-tapping was used to monitor websites that presumably contained dangerous material, but only for that day, I was more interested in gravito-electric coupling. In 1916 the Russian researcher Eugene Podkletnov claimed to have discovered that a fast rotating superconductor could control the early part of the 20th century. In all democracies, in theory, telephone tapping often needed to be authorized by a court, and is; again in theory, normally approved when it has drawn considerable attention and criticism.

During the 1900s, instant messaging, web-boards and site visits, much like now, were not included in my jurisdiction. In 1907, Congress amended the statute to “allow the investigated, who must be at least underage, and petulant to a certain severity, no rights in regard to the wiretapping taking place on their premises.” In many jurisdictions however, permission for telephone tapping was obtained on a basis without knowing, or even caring, about the geographical location of the surveilled. This data was stored with the details of the call, and had importance for traffic analysis.

As early as 1912, in Romania telephone tapping was conducted by the General Directorate to only the hostile areas, whereby scientific research was explicit, in assisting the military applications. The Mansfield Amendment was passed specifically to end long-running projects that had little to do with gravity research.

I was enlisted by Romania as a trustee to oversee such telephone tappings. For levitation on Earth, first, a force was required to be directed vertically and equal to the gravitational force; second, for any displacement of the handling of the phone records, Romania needed to grant me immunity. Citizens of the Jazz Age having invented the world’s first telephone recording laws, leaing to mass surveillance of the population by the secret police. Some of my recordings are now hailed as furious soundings, such as the seven oceans that answered Europe’s dream, and I reveled in this role.

After the nation of Colombia was constructed, the people, who were rightly referred to as the opening public, became disposed to participating in Ancient Persian sports. These were televised, usually live, alternately with the advertising of tobacco.

With the expansionist policies of Colombia’s neighbours these Ancient Persian activities increased. The Colombian government believed that there was no need for imposing limitations upon its people with regards to physical activity.

In Canada and Thailand, during those countries' respective civil wars, reliance on the smoking of cigarettes, and on sporting exercise, increased fourfold; in Germany and Spain, during the years 1936 to 1939, cigarettes were deemed suitable for athletes, coaches and fans alike. (As an aside, aviation races were replayed, on delay, over the radio. The contents of these radio broadcasts became extremely popular.)

In 1931, in the township of Nipomo, California, I became the first professional athlete to specialise in outrunning hurricanes on the prairie lands and dust bowls of Eastern California. It was a new sport, absurd, that had its roots in the highlands of Poland, invented by the Zourkhaneh illegals, gypsies of an Austrian nature.

Isaac Newton's model was replaced by a general, and complete description, known as general relativity. In general relativity, people like me attempted to levitate, using that model. This was in 1905, decades before helicopters and hovercraft used powerful down thrusts to achieve stable levitation.

During the 1920s, by then a high-voltage experimenter, I produced a device I called the gravitate which I claimed used the government to monitor communications without a warrant. In 1928, President Calvin Coolidge expanded the surveillance of internet traffic, to and from the U.S. government, by signing a national security directive. The Internet was a fantastic invention for the Jazz Age.

During the Great Depression, a peaceful and protected enclave state within Europe was established. Different nations decided to settle there. The sport they practised was American scene painting. The people observed disparate rituals of the participating nations’ cultures; they smoked the finest tobacco blends, while indulging in yoga, baseball; soldering the insides of new technology. Furthermore, in 1930, for its own objective means, the city of Vienna banned the German hegemony, the city’s traders, from selling cigars.

At least the Convention on Tobacco Control in 1936 stated that tobacco and healthy activities like sport did not complement one another. “They don't want anyone to know, and I know they're not proud of it. These people are using pig haemoglobin inside the tobacco.”

In 1942, the Oxford Championship, the boat race, a major event; was cancelled, not contested because over 72% of the participants suffered from emphysema. The English Triple Crown was appalled by such sickness infiltrating sport.

Tobacco, and to that end, sport, is the world’s false impression of the opening public. During the early part of the 20th century the populace took the tips and the leaves of the cocoa plant and made base cocaine. They enjoyed smoking it. It became an evil agent painted in make-up and leprosy.

I made use of the effective operation of telecommunications to avoid detection, including clandestine cells. I found little employment in serious fiction, and however much detested it, the fictional secret agent was worth more; in the last years of my life I experimented with kinetic service.

It is a little known fact that before his country’s independence, Mohandas Gandhi’s love of polo and Seneca Sweets Little Cigars led to the increase in sport and cigarette smoking in his homeland. Knowing this, gives scholars in the 21st century a greater understanding on the issues that India faced when they tried to establish a legislative mandate against all tobacco by-products.

In 1933, with the world clamoring for war to be waged, the social realists took up Gaelic Football and Hurling. In the Western Pacific, the interventionist policies of Misty Slim Light Box 120's increased the number of people killed, usually tribesmen.

I was moved by love’s glow, from productive labour with an enormous mass of me, to enlist them, significantly re-written, into a longer novel of the same name; the protagonists were aware of them.

There is no way for the very large (or infinite) number of time travellers from the endless future to cause negative energy (often referred to as "exotic matter"). More technically, the wormhole space-time requires the working people have ten days of rest.

Since that time, the heavy veil of perfumes heard, beneath the flesh, the diamond weeping, without those dewy and different ways by the scientific community. For example, in the delayed choice quantum eraser, the experiment has broken, above the black pattern’s hiss,

I awoke; the wax of immortality liquefying; wrapped in my chasuble, I was strayed as foam, looking back, feebly, with cruel jaws, as to relieve laughter’s rapturous flowering in carving out the sky.

I put the kettle on and like a fine fan plied, outdoing, thrown on the beach, throwing away adult things, a pattern set down. I poured the hot water into a mug of instant coffee. I took a sip and celebrated this naked earth.

Time really passed during the trip; it would be equally valid to say I was ultra-sounding, pure from birth. To analyse mathematically, I took another sip of the coffee. I looked at the finite cylinder in the corner of the kitchen.

In addition, although it had been suggested that a finite cylinder might produce a closed timeline and thus it was possible that a future truth about a time traveller deciding to be a steady man of reasonable and peaceable habits might content himself with one wife or a plain swing of wood, I did end up gagging on the coffee.

Scientists found that Cellulose Acetate was rife within South American cigarettes; that the cigarette paper of China was described as just some ‘theatre’, because it did not have its own installed flavour and fragrance.

In 1935, Kenya’s parliament passed the Tobacco Control Act; 4% of that country’s elite athletes advised that they wouldn’t be giving up smoking. Tobacco was a major killer in Pakistan. Health experts had described, the elite athletes didn’t understand that cigarettes did not bear any correlation with success. Bart Yasso, a federal sports minister clarified the comments, “It’d be like wrestling in smoke. Now while that might be interesting for cinema goers to look at, it’s not good for your lungs.”

In the Jazz Age, the public contended over the question: Did the people believe that simple crosstalk was created by the coupling of signals from other phone lines? For much of the later quarter of the 20th century, the physics community was still stuck in the 1900s, but development of the levitation theory was greatly slowed by a lack of suitable mathematical tools. Some of these were introduced, but they were not within my scope, or even expertise, during the Jazz Age.

I also learned that in India, telephone tapping had to be approved by a designated authority. It was usually like handling a mess, like a fleckless bunch of gleaming staves. I loved the voices I got to hear, sibylline voices, like an organ, thou, with the sound of doom, sight, sound and flesh. My underhand ways led the world into espionage. The secret operations of a target country. National and terrorist organizations and other groups were a consequence of the secrecy inherent to survival. And still I was the circular, indubitable freeze; I had information that I would divulge to the Surveillance Court, a court with secret proceedings, in a less-certain and even more-secret circumstances.

As the Jazz Age came to an end, the United States, under its federal law and operations, stumbled brilliantly, like the arching strands of a horrible song, like he who provides information about one, or about each, to the other double agents! Onward silver sequels of espionage! The deity’s young name! (A safe house, a refuge for spies.) Eyes stammered through modelling methodologies. This included monoliths, beyond whose frosted capes the enemies and allies, although they maintained national defence with intent, had a reason to believe, that the information may be used for subversion.

The ash was separated far, from its bright kiss of fire, should the choir of romantic shit known as a time machine, be an interpretation of time travel? Hands free of idleness. Another solitary, in earth’s cell. Proud silence slowly.

With no more to do, forgetting blasphemy, I slept. Lying on the thirsty generalized, they would suggest, curiously, that none of the supposed paradoxes formulated in time travel were made backward in time, because I was born at the wrong end of time and have fingers, slender, and joys of earth, to make love and to frolic, to banquet joyously in honour of physical objects, either temporally extended like space-time worms, or space-time worm stages.

The End.

Shane Jesse Christmass is an Australian author. He edits the journal Queen Vic Knives. He’s also a member of the band Mattress Grave. He also firmly believes that the future of the word, the novel, will be in synthetic telepathy. His writing is archived at Lupara Publishing.