Ooks by AE Reiff

"Ego, Id, Oedipalism, Anima, replaced the fairy folk of the country confined in cities. Trolls, brownies, Leprechauns, doff their country costumes for the abstractions of new folk."
Three Ooks lived in DutiBilly.
Turk was the papa, Dama was the mama,
and Sue Ook baby looked like her dad.
Each Ook ate a sausage quietly,
excluding the belch.
Ook means passionate desire.

Ma Ook had lots of names,
Dame Belcher, Guapa Pop.
When she ate SueLit and her dad,
who retired from publishing
and married Mama for amor,
she was the second Ook
who wrote a mystic tale.

Mama belched at Turk’s 800 pounds
when he and SueLit drowned little dogs
in their footprints in the park.
They had gone to PupPote.
Proverbial dismemberment caused Mama’s eeing
when pups ate off her floor.
It’s a lot to feed an Ook to an Ook
as Turk was feeding Sue to Dame!
Part of the recipe,
like big ducks
slaughtered up
boggles the mind, served as remains.
Turk published this
And made her the Ook of fame.
Special meanings are contained
PupPote, Park and Ook[1].

Turk longed to ook. Dame longed to ook,
although the sense is not the same.
Little dog PupPotes longed to be best sellers in Ook.
So this ook wasn’t long
before not just breakfast, but
dinner with T.V. they cooked,
modem in the left, forkem in the right,
broadside big as a ham.

What do you eat when you eat the ook,
anthologized stew?
It’s the cure what ails ya.
Try milk in your poem.
Sleep aid? Hunger?
Roast PupPotem in your home.
Sue Ook is a beauty cure.
What don’t SueLit cure?
She a grape of the huge alone.
Get a piece of the bone and the world will be one!
One peace, one world, one home!
But where has she gone?
That’s what we’re here to show.

This secret came out when goats named Billy,
tied to the Dame’s blue Olds,
wrote with their Nanny and kids,
abba daba dab on the bumper.
Dame kept PupPotes in the back,
little Schnauzers, Pomeranian and a Pifawa pop.
To sum up,
Ma Ook took a gingerbread house
with smoke coming out the top.
She fattened up
Turk for the kill.
That smoke is a sign of an ook.

When Turk went up it was a loss
to little dogs as much as Ooks,
he being the source of their food.
Why would Dame fatten and kill what made her live?
But when Ms. Ook hungered she just ate PupPote.
There was plenty of Ook in the freeze.

In that warning about Ooks called
the goats said
these things were indigestible.
Everyone knows by now what they are.
With the mess and gravy
the beauty of Ookistry
is that these tales tell all.
What’s an Ook?
I’m not going to tell.

1. ^ PupPote-poetry, Park-language.

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