The Newsletter of the Asylum and Four More by Jason Visconti

Work hard
And you'll be on the board too--

That's in the event
Of your unsmearable record

That you haven't broke bonds
Repeated on loudspeakers

Or cried into the night like a fool--
Certainly your pajamas have not walked off on their own

You have not risen up like a foul animal
In some stage of revolt

And claimed the unclaimable chair
The chair that does not exist in the hall

And said "This is my bridge I will build to unite all the rooms"

Though if you did I suppose you'd get a pass in
For a newsworthy story.

To be commensurate all at once
And then also to allow

Division to be a timely crow
Whose measured sentence sings outloud

To otherwise no one.

The street's judgement has flickered on
and we are equal with our fair gavels

we who watch him teeter on the cusp of the moon:
beware he prepares his oath in the courtroom of the stars

and we, a jury of his peers,
behold nothing like these good lanterns.

I Made Every Attempt to Destroy the Hourglass
On the operating table

And me a surgeon--
Leave my bubbled glasses for real times of war

Since time is only silly putty
And who including the sand even cares?

Euphoria in an Everyday Way
When you see those soap bubbles
Like so many white eyelashes

You have stretched the image--

But no matter
The sink will gargle at you to swallow up.