go on being desk lighters and blinds. and three more by Dusty Neu

i think a lot of things
i think this may have been the street i was born on
this is a marble floor
this is the introduction to a great new experience
i think i will call it famous eulogies
or maybe auto erotic wedding announcements

        smoke is not a gas
        i am as content as a state of matter

youd be able to find it somewhere in the hills outside pinnacles
itd be in a box beneath a desk in a cottage rented by a young couple for the weekend

        cute things

like watching pornography on mute
because i already know everything about these people
look at the way theyre dressed
theyre just like you or me

to 3rd floor apartment #4.
in the park we saw a falcon eat a squirrel
and read an article
where a snake died after swallowing a pig

almost everything you can imagine is impossible

polveroso in città aperta.
today at city hall on the marble floor i dropped a quarter
        and everyone heard

today im resting since this morning when i found blood in
        my semen     whats to be

tomorrow ill slow the car and listen for dried leaves under the
        wheels but     then     nothing

to 3rd floor apartment #2.
riding on backs of scooters can be terrific
when the rain is heavy filling up potholes
like the road is a piece of unpolished silver or
like hidden in the corner
someones shadow in a photo you love

Dusty Neu is an American poet in Rome who has shopped, at least once, at the Gap. He believes that there are people who believe that there are lizard people.