“A Lost Man of Days and Weather” by Stanley M Noah

While walking home,          this man's
hat was blown off in dense wind.
When he got home,          there it was,
waiting for him on the front porch
in sure direction     like a hole-in-one.

Inside, the wife said, "thinking always
about history, some day you shall fall
into it          like a kind of time-warped
tunnel,          no return."     He has supper,
reviews the indigenous newspaper

as if written          like letters from Plato,
watches old Western episodes on TV,
drinks a highball with two cherries
reminding him of          sunrise-sunset,
goes to bed and dreams only in black

and white like starring in a silent era
movie.     Next morning he leaves for
work.     But the hat again has vanished
on his way. The one with a flaming
flamingo feather looking like it once

belonged to Robin Hood.          From the
office window, near dusk, he looks out
and can hear a legion of Roman soldiers
marching,          wishing to be with them.
Then with a great passion          he asks

out loud, "why wasn't I born in another
century?"     His stream-of-consciousness
is seen with          these types of series
like reading chapters          in a long
fictional novel.

I have a BGS degree from The University of Texas at Dallas. And have been
published in the following:
-Wisconsin Review
-Main Street Rag
-Poetry Nottingham
and other publications in the U.S.A., Britain, Canada and New Zealand.
-Winner of The Mississippi Valley Poetry Contest, 2006.
-Poet of the month, Sept., 2009, fullofcrow.com.
I have a piece in the book,
Remembrances of Wars Past, copyright 2012.
It can be bought at amazon.com.