Spice Rhymes. by Lee Abramson

Upon this fair subcontinent
We live a life serene
There is no need for government
For cardamom is queen

With peddled pump the wind will fly
The more she stamped her boot
What better way there is to dry
The coriander fruit

A newborn baby's happy that
Lactation is induced
The content in it that is fat
The fenugreek will boost

The time I said I shared your crush
You made a sound that squeaks
The compliment that made you blush
Paprika on your cheeks

The unwashed hippies and their ilk
May wear their hair in dreads
But yours is shinier than silk
And fine as saffron threads

Statistics sometimes make a niche
For which there is no hope
Unlucky two percent for which
Cilantro tastes like soap

The morning buzzer makes its sound
I see the sun so bright
I feel as if I'm freshly ground
Like pepper black and white

Resurgence of lucidity
Will be my dream's demise
At night I sail the mustard sea
Beneath turmeric skies

A fallen Roman demigod
Is buried down below
His body fertilizes sod
And feeds oregano

A lonely little ladybug
Partakes in promenade
As she sheds shyness with a shrug
The basil leaves bring shade

I seek a psychedelic buzz
But urine must stay clean
There is no need to fear because
I dream a nutmeg dream

If walking through Romania
I will not fear undead
Immunity is mine because
I wear a garlic head

Be wise and heed bipolar's rules
You shouldn't miss this hint
For nothing helps you keep your cool
Like lithium and mint

The ancient Romans knew you as
The dew upon the sea
As without water wilts whereas
I call you rosemary

The Dutch East Indies company
Had cut them down in droves
Pursuit of their monopoly
Yet still the clove tree grows

My coat is tightly buttoned for
The winter's Cossack song
I drink a few white russians o'er
A sprig of tarragon

The travelers proceed en masse
Into a distant land
Negotiate the Khyber pass
An allspice caravan

Despite being wheelchair-bound with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), Lee Abramson has managed to create music by a unique, painstaking method: utilizing a computer and music notation software he is able to compose using one finger and a touch pad. Lee is no longer able to sing because of diminished lung capacity, but has found a way to “sing” using his own voice with the ModelTalker voice synthesizer. This technology gives Lee a bionic voice that can speak more quickly than nature will allow, and sing impossibly high and low notes. It would be hard to give an incisive review of Lee's music without giving a bit of back-story on his life and creative process. This thirty-nine year-old musician received a BA in Psychology from the University of Michigan before moving to Austin, Texas to pursue his musical aspirations. During that time he played bass in a rock and roll band for three years. Things changed however, in February of 2005 when he was diagnosed with ALS. Although he began to lose his mobility and went from using a cane to a walker to a wheelchair, he never lost his interest in music. In spite of the fact that 90% of patients with ALS do not live more than five years after being diagnosed, Lee explains his longevity by saying, "God was just giving me time to focus on my music."