AND PAST THE EARTH IS ANOTHER + another by Connor Fisher

He put the food in other food to show where shoes are made.
It is enough.
Finches prove passerines right.
I arrived too quickly, found you rested up below the troll bridge.
Sounding Out / Inventing
Saccharine harmfish
does tremble and sway per sea-
breeze—it is
a hack, the same stiff
line as holds
up octopus arms,
anemone, tree
of life.
I’ll take in the whole thing.
How do we love the
squid, the ink, arms, the
saccharine harmfish which I touch on
its little mouth.
Same sound as makes the whale, same sound as
makes the sea beast.
The bile-fish triumphs; it
imitates blood
through fire and whose fire
then calls through to thrive.

Fish was flicking earth’s bones and earth was
done, abrupt. Another method.

Connor Fisher was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and currently lives in Denver, Colorado. He has a MA in English Literature from the University of Denver and is working towards an MFA in Creative Writing—Poetry from the University of Colorado at Boulder.