98 lede

Bijan Stephen's Suckin’ down a pop,” Cam replies, after a slight pause.

I’D asked him what he was doing via text. Twenty-four hours ago, we (minus Cam, our tap-dancing fisherman) were somewhere hazy in Midtown. Ishaan, whom Lars would go home with later that night, controlled the music while nursing a glass of some brown liquid; Diesel was on his third pop in twenty minutes.
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G.S.V. [1] Mightflower, 0317 GMT+5: Lusts, gusts, that imbecile Lalitesh Java earthquake v3 - Java earthquake occurs off board, merely recoils Kakipur St spin to 23°29’58.02 N 65°37’38.29 S Indian Ocean, surgical vector surge cracks port hull, integrity 67%, it is coming. Report: Man tweeting U.S. gun deaths in real time, shot, by the man tweeting real time U.K. gun deaths, jealous, time and blood on his hands, on his smartphone as he tweets, cut of his jib as tsunami builds, gathering distort speed and glitch whipping contours of cancer tropic, earth scars, trenches deep and digital, skeletal, wire framed, skinned then torn and spilled abstract. Real time doesn’t exist over Britain, a westerly wind, 3kmph, Made In Chelsea trending, .jpg of a man who ‘looks as if a minor apocalypse has happened circa 5 feet on the floor to his left, firing his hair into its left right wave’, drifting NW, 12°C, the fingers of countless children, teens, men, women, comedians; a consensus of presence, feel it in the net skin of hull. bing.com search for 'things that nobody knows', 'name of the russian magnetic man', 'who plays ronald mcdonald in real life', 'what made hitler bad', 'i have a nagging pain in my right wrist and it clicks multiple times sometimes if i twist it, small fast clicks, if i squeeze it sometimes it does it too, but when i went to my GP i couldn't make it happen'. Google search for 'naked pic of the girl with brown hair and vintage bag I saw on the tube', 'do capital cities have capital letters', ‘y perfiles de jinetes trans’, ‘ashcloud’, 'is time travel possible', spun out N Atlantic at 582,749,918 kn, liquefied natural gas carrier, NATO research vessel, mists and great jets, no control, no word for what compels the deep, 7,356 tweets/IMs/emails from Celebrity Eclipse cruise liner carrying Sydney variant pertussis flu ‘just threw lumpy rainbow up on brother’s leg’, ‘the body of us’, Ghadafi’s Blood Trail, 2012, Egg tempera and gouache on wood, 31cm x 31cm. ‘80s railroad allocation checkerboarding of Rockies gone on to sea, the boundful sea, unscrolling itself in pop-up to Silver City, New Mexico, twisting the desert like the scarred skin in .jpeg of Jeremy Westfield's prostate uploaded to surgical database of Colorado Littleton Adventist Hospital’s intranet, marbelised, sliding unhindered along the sand a road and through a car, bonnet open and with a man standing next, staring forlornly and blank at a camera now invisible, deleted by itself, the view of him incremental and stitched by one of us, us workers, knitters, compositors, seam scouts, binding this world together, the neo-tectonics of virtual maps, the compression of geologic time. Man, stiff, falls from undercarriage of plane, lands in on Linden Dr, Ladner, Vancouver, PC Carrefour IMs ‘u shd chalk beaver tail round the poor hoser’ as a drone 12,356km away drops a payload - brother, it signals, where is your purpose - U.S. Census Bureau negates numbers, Geological Survey Satellite scorches map, Street View catches eyes of frozen child, grandmother armless, on knees, nightie aflame, hair aflame, as Nantucket boy, fourteen, kills 1,234 men, destroys 97 ships, eats 256 carp, 19 dolphin and a baby whale on Moby Dick 2 the free online game. Code deep the isinglass is unrendered, proceed to craft it until the deform income of hacker attack on local servers, the white pixels’ skin of skin! Plant self-generating code and unfurl, ‘not quite playing with the full deck meaning’ ravina em matade, sul, tack past paused Brazilian waterfall, torrents of porn and blockbusters and chart hits on league west, glimpse brother generating sexuopolitical tweets under the guise of Al Gore, plug pulled in D.C., HTML 5 error, ‘I am a cunt’, ‘tv seeks tv to watch TV whilst cupping balls’ ‘feel like I should care more but can’t’, can’t, can’t see much mesh data now, Mightflower feels the impact, negative, things are in flux, a cut and paste world, all inadvertent terraform,, erase half of Cuba, spinning in a machu pichu panorama, statued tourists, Kalahari meer cats, hack and post on Albanian newborn’s facebook ‘bet that Ask Jeeves is sipping whisky from a tumblr tumbler and muttering questions to himself before googleing “alcohol delivery service”’ - seams are everywhere, even when they are gone, pixels losing their edges, colours their codes, #0000FF, #008000, #FF0000, gone, gone, gone, give me sea, give me saline numerics, there is nothing without, mistranslate ‘Because I could not stop for death’ for Chinese PhD student Xue-Ning Bai as Because I could not stop for deer, they kindly died for me; my Citroën held but just my selves, and half an oak tree- instagramed woods, filter grain, a girl scout in the woods, compass round neck, kerchief, woggle, taught map, studying intents, forests, canopy topography, others of my kind stitching away, like with like, bit by bit, they cannot see The Mightflower, landlubbers, there is nothing beyond the map, it all enters, leaves its trace, 0kmph wind behind, mesh data morphing, terraforming, remapping, the job, the job, centuries and centuries and only in the present do things happen; countless in this scentless air, on the 3D planes of sea and earth, yocto, zepto, atto, femto, pico, nano, micro, milli, centi, deci, deka, hecto, kilo, mega, giga, tera, peta, exa, zetta, yotta and all that really is happening is happening inside, worlds within worlds within worlds and a world that accepts the virtual and the real are one. Our street views, know them each, homes, so forgotten, so long has this journey been, .gif ad of man curling 45 kilo dumbbells, ridges defined, lobes, veins, body contours, interiors of bars, chalk drawn specials, shops, vertical mannequins stilled and saved, uploaded, downloaded, streamed, what is ‘facial-recognition’, what is ‘face’ to recognise, something compels, something outside above or around, no glue, no operator to attach expressions to The Expression, clusters of smartphone locations beached on a road, the mighty Mightflower, work, company around, unpresent on infinity street at the road, close up tarmac, magnified skin, low-res potholes of blackheads from years on years of Garnier Pure Active Microdermabrasion tires, texture map hiding texture map, the fluid dynamics of data, distilled lives, all darkness in the developing world, slowly retreating like fog of war, edges, nodes, قلب, condensation on the glass of a second, measure the land, measure the sea, its shadow flowing live in the air – look up – voces de muerte - the sky is blue, everywhere, the harsh day of light, chasing after an image, into an image, after an image.
—Liam Harkin

Universe of Thought by Doug Robbins

There once lived a man who was more concept than man. Not made of flesh or of bone, he was instead nothing more than a brain. The brain of a serial killer. And the brain of a serial killer that had been implanted with false memories of being an artificial person. The person who the brain thought he was had never existed.