109 lede

Indoor Thunder + Gargoyle on the Toilet, two stories by Julienne Grey

THERE'S a yellow grocery bag in the branch of my grandmother’s tree, hanging above the ash that was once her home. She’s not there to see it. As soon as she’d felt fire, she sped west with a watermelon strapped to her passenger seat. She let the flames eat it all: the photos and the sheet music, the kitsch and the nude watercolor of Grandpa that she’d pinned in the doorway.
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chairs are publicly accepted skeletons, this being more evident when they are paint-peeling white. At best they are architecturally concealed plates for the ass and genitals. Like horses, we dispose of them if they have even one fractured leg. They are the unsung heroes of any meeting or gathering. Skyscrapers as compared to toilet seats. Secretly, they are wombs made of plastic, metal, wood.

SW19 by Michael Naghten Shanks

I watched     & listened
to 2 young eastern european women
grunting     after
they backhand rallied
the camera cruised over
the crowd     stopping
for a few seconds
on a middle-aged couple
as they cuddled
& I started to think     about you

MFA PupPotem by AE Reiff

“The sensorium of Inferno has begun to constellate more imaginative and more real creatures and being.”

Once the Rhine Gold Giants came
they mistook their work,
thought those who fed them
should be their food.
This was the work of PupPoets
Who tidy one mess up and tie their bibs,
And when they throw up clean up stuff,
offer a hot meal. That’s what little dogs did,
only to be consumed at times like candy bits.
Grown from a stock which these giants possess,
This was the Mouthful Feeding Anomaly
of PupPoets.

A jolly giant is boisterous to squash a binding,
So acts of compression whilom would occur.
Professors of Privileged Relation brokered
deals between giants and the little tykes,
Whose aim of course was to make the giants seen.
But the sanitation problem from cleanup of stumps
and littered dens distracts PupPets,
for how can they say what’s not
and at the same time clean up what is?