1/30/14 - 1/31/14 by Lauren Moon

when i am at chipotle eating a burrito alone
i like to think that you are watching me
eating that burrito, baby
i don’t know who you are but you like me
because of the voracious way that i consume that big burrito
i imagine that you like that i have no shame
so i smile to myself before i take another bite
hoping you’ll see it
oh you’ll see it, baby
hoping you’ll smile (which you will)
and i hold that baby burrito in both of my hands
and do the cute look i do
looking down and then up to the right
i know that you’re loving it
you want to know more about me
the mysterious, sort-of pretty girl all alone eating this burrito
sometimes i don’t even taste the burrito
because i am so focused on impressing you
and then i drive home on the I-10 feeling very full
falling asleep at the wheel
but mostly very happy with myself
and the way that i ate that burrito for you


there is actually vomit in my hair right now
i just want to see you
goddamn i smell awful
thnk you for calling me
you are such a nice guy
i cant belive that i wcomited that much
right into our sink
i felt so bad
but at the same time it wwas SO worth it
god i should take a shower
i smell like fucking vomit
awwww hshit
i suck!
i suck!
i suuuuuuuuucke!!!!!
tjank you for callingc me
but i

Lauren Moon (b. 1992) is a student at Pomona College. You can find her writing here, and her compulsive retweeting of James Deen and her sad friend Graham here.