Hindi Poems of Sushant Supriye

( Translated by the poet सुशांत सुप्रिय from Hindi )

१. कहा पिताजी ने ( Thus Spoke the Father )
When I will no longer be there
I will still be there—
thus spoke the father

I will be alive in the
writings of my eldest son

I will peep out of the
paintings of my youngest daughter

I will breathe in the
self-respect of my second son

I will survive in the
steely resolve of my third son

Just as my father lives in me
and my children will live in their children
so will I be saved
in all of you
o my children--
said our father to us.
                                        ( Kaha Pitaji ne )

२. कल रात सपने में ( Yesterday Night in My Dreams )
Yesterday night
in my dreams

                           Gandhari refused to
                            blindfold herself

                           Eklavya refused to
                            offer his thumb to Dronacharya

                           Sita refused to
                            go through ordeal by fire

                           Draupadi did not allow others
                            to put her at stake in gambling

                           Puru refused to give
                            his youth to Yayati

Several mistakes of
history and mythology
were corrected
yesterday night
in my dreams .
                                        (Kal raat sapne me )

३. कोई और ( Someone Else )
I wake up
one morning
and find out
I have turned
a stranger to myself
from every angle

My eyes seem
so unknown to me

My smile seems
someone else's

My hair has turned

On my palms are etched
someone else's fate-lines

Psychologists say
It happens sometimes

That we go on living
someone else's life

That someone else
goes on living within us.
                                        ( koi aur )

Born on 28.03.1968, Sushant Supriye had his education at St. Francis School, Amritsar (Punjab) and graduated from D.A.V. College, Amritsar; G.N.D. University, Amritsar, B.A. (English: Honours), and M.A.(English); and the University of Delhi, M.A. (Linguistics). He was a lecturer in English for a few years at D.A.V. College, Jalandhar.

Sushant's short-stories and poems have been published in several literary magazines and national newspapers in English. He has to his credit a poetry-anthology titled In Gandhi's Country. His short story collection in English, titled The Fifth Direction is in press. Sushant is also an acclaimed writer and poet in Hindi, and has to his credit two short-story collections, titled Hatyare (2010) and He Ram (2012); and one poetry-collection titled Ek Boond Yah Bhi (2014).

He presently works as a senior officer in a Government organisation and lives with his wife, Dr. Leena, and two children, Vinaayak and Aanya, in Delhi.