Raspberry Vodka by Alexander Wheeler

After a long night of heavy drinking, Bud and Mary lay passed out on the floor. Cigarette butts painted the carpeted canvas as well as Mary’s putrid rainbow-like vomit.

Bud woke up and stuck his hand in Mary’s puke.

“What the fuck,” Bud said groggily as he looked at his Technicolor hand.

“Huh,” Mary said as she rolled over.

“When did the power come back on last night?” Bud asked her.

“I don’t recall,” Mary said.

“Perhaps you were too busy puking all over my floor to notice,” Bud said.

“You know me,” Mary said.

Bud stood up and went straight to the bathroom, which was luckily connected to his bedroom. Bud stared in the bathroom mirror as he let the sink water run and run. His eyes were completely bloodshot and he had a scab under his lip.

“Mary, did you scratch me last night?”

“Yeah. We were like hitting each other all night.”

Mary started putting her hair up in a bun.

“Why?” Bud asked.

“Well,” Mary said, her hair all put up sloppily, “You got an idea and told me you had a light bulb above your head. The power was out, and I thought if I hit you hard enough the bulb would bring the power back.”

“Jesus Christ,” Bud said.

“That’s what you said right after I started hitting you.”

Alexander Wheeler is 20 years old and currently lives in New York. He has just been inducted into the Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society, and writes for the College of Saint Rose’s newspaper The Chronicle.