About an Artist by Mark Magoon

I saw a painting that said
“both and neither” or, should I say,

titled—or maybe “botched” and “nether”
no matter how long            and I

cook, prone to depression
smoking clean the house is art

and I          am so happy being
un—there is cradling

the dog all day, and unknowing you
while you’re not painting
all the while

Mark Magoon writes poetry and short stories, and secret songs for his dog. His poetry can be found or is forthcoming in print in After Hours, Burningword Literary Journal, and Midwestern Gothic. His poetry can be found or is forthcoming on the web at Blast Furnace, DIAGRAM, DIALOGIST, Eclectica, Ghost Ocean Magazine, and The Nervous Breakdown. His lyric essay Chef!Chef!Chef! was featured in Burrow Press Review as part of their Creative Nonfiction Month. His work has been shared at The Poetry Foundation, as part of The Midwestern Gothic Summer Reading Series in Milwaukee, and as part of The Marble Room Reading Series in Chicago. His first book of poetry, The Upper Peninsula Misses You, is forthcoming from ELJ Publications in 2015. Magoon earned his MFA in Creative Writing from Roosevelt University in Chicago. He lives in the Windy City with a wife far too pretty.