A bomb discourages a movie audience;
animated characters dominated the film;
a convicted thief gets nine months
anger management; answers he demanded.
In his coffin case, a cool head:
a party they had all night. A large
trailer can be a transient hotel,
a penny’s worth; a puny foundation.
A platoon beheading, about-faces;
a shot off my opponent's head scores.

A child's stool enhances any garden:
alien corn, all wrong. Anarchist protests
anal pleasures; anxiety attacks any minute
now. Astronomical heights arithmetic
measures. Arranged marriage art works
attracting women: attention must be paid
athletic facility, autumn leaves, awful noise,
awfully awful; bad news, baloney I can’t

back cover: base metals beach whale;
bargain basement beach boy beastly caged.
Beating a dead horse doesn’t require
strength being good.

Beside yourself, big shot; blessing
parishioners, bone dry, bogus legal bill.
Blue moon boiling blood; booked up
booking agent, boot leather bored deeply;
born dumbfounded boss man: brain matters;
brain puzzles.

Brief shift, bright as a lightbulb;
breaking bread, bringing up children.
Broad channels, broadly speaking,
building again.

Bugs listen; call girls; camp: we made
cap your head to minimize losses.
Cash crash changing currency: cheat
oneself, cheap shot; cheer team
chewing gum; cigarette, smokes.

Children unruly in cars should be
belted; chuck steak, civil war, clean
air; cleaning woman: clear glass;
clothes cover; clothes hamper.

Clock time, close ranks: closed case.
Cold cuts commodities buyer's comic book-
compelling cleavage complete sentences;
cook waffles with difficult recipes.

Convention rules cooking students;
corporation bosses' costume jewelry;
counterfeit money.

Country living, coupling again, cracking
plates: crash course. Crazy glue credit
card creep heap, creeping socialism:
cricket sounds.

Crime pays, cross over. Crown jewels.
Crude oil. Cruel sport crushed ice.

Culture shocks dangerous work stops
after death; debutante balls.

Dark art: deep sleep, delinquent behavior.
Demonstration activist desiring friend:
deviant surveillance.

Did performers show? Dig out disaster-
proof dirty books; discount sales.

Discredited will: distant marriage diving deep.
Dog gone. Down wind, draining water.

Dress suit drinking life. Drunken liver;
dubious achievements. Dumb crook, duty
demands eat everything up; eating royalty.

Eccentric love: electric conductor;
electric fire: emotional collapse.
Empty spaces employ security.
Enchanted lover: end to knitting looms.

Engineering school-enhanced appearance.
Enter laughing, enlighten heavyweights;
Entertain guests, envelope money:
epic narrative erotic literature.

Errant thief, every object he declined;
everyday wishes. Everyday’s greetings.
express anxieties, extra costs, extreme
debts. Extreme unction.

Eye drops off the shelf.

Fad diet: fail safe. Faithfully, be.

Fake belief, fake charity: falling star,
fallen star; falling into a vat of milk,
he got creamed. False snobbery; fancy

Fantasy betting, far flung fashion
statements. Farms produce fast women;
fast he couldn’t do: fast track;
felt hats; fine tune: fatal was my
last shot.

Fear some feeling good feet stink,
feign interest, fence stolen property:
finally everyone’s broke: finance failures.

Fire house fire salesman fleeing memories.
First base: fondled pussy. Floor he did his
antagonists fly fishing for advice about
money accountants; count: for the second time
in ten years he was sentenced to die for
our work; with elephants, we got peanuts.

Foreign lands free love; french kiss
frequent flier: freedom ring; fright wig;
frontal nudity fruit cakes fucking asshole
fruits ripen full moon gag man gambling

Garbage dump garnish greens; gay celebrity
gentleman’s agreement.

Get off getting off.

Giraffes neck given up: go figure, go fish.

Going easy; going, going, gone; gone fishing
good food; good spirits he offered us;
good looks; grand theft; grand visions;
great horse bets; greatly forgotten
gross insult.

Hack work: gun shot; guilty verdict.

Gruesome growth, hacking cough.

Hail stops a cab, halting speech.
Hammer toes, hand cramps hand job.
Hard drink handsome reward hard on
hang nails. Hard time head doctor:
hard work he made us separate head

Heaven sent held up heart break:
high flying high horse; high hurdles.
High noon; high stakes; high-strung
dress higher, calling highway robbery.

Horrid psychiatrist, home free,
horse jumps hot dog. Hot shit.

Hot skin boils hot stuff.

House bound housing lobby. Hum drum,
humans wonder: hunt game we must.

I made a killing on my investment by
shooting my partner.

Ideal loving idiot savants if in a
theater, don’t pick your seat.

Immigrant objects in a stew, in
battle she wound in between;
in concert two musicians play;
in dreams we wake.

In this story of his life more lies
ahead, inching forward. Insane asylums.

Innocent this shyster wasn’t:
insane prices; inside job; inspiring
colleagues' instant insight.

Intellectual fakes' intellectual stimulus'
interior turmoil; invalid was my boss.
investment; smarts.

Island retreats jet black, join together;
jolly good junk donations, jury rules.

Juice makes bulbs glow. Justices court

Juveniles taste kangaroos hopping,
kicking heels. Kid fun.

Kids should be bussed before school,
killing time in emergency rooms;
kitchen sinks.

Kneel down, knock me up sometime,
knowing spy.

Laps attract athletic horny men.
Large bird dropping: last stop;
laughs last, lazy bones.

Lazy does it: lean meat against a wall.
Leave behind, leave love; licorice stick;
life savers.

Live forever, listening well.
Long lines long run look sharp.

Loose canon lost at sea lost identity;
lousy hair.

Lousy lover love me do. Love’s labors
lost: mad laughter.

Maiden voyage male enhancements.
Marital disputes; masochistic sex
surprises. Mass resistance.

May I take you for a ride, meter maids?
Minute measures mirror yourself;
missing soldiers.

Mistress rules: mix greens; modern
art literature; mom’s good eats.

Money crunch, money lost, money pit;
money tied up.

Morning beauty mosquito bites.

Mother hen moving pictures. Moving target
muck around. Nail fungus, new in my life,
was a fresh friend.

No heavy lead could he accept; no man is
younger than the woman he feels.

No soap here; no sweat. Nothing doing.

Nuts he didn’t have; obscene joke.
Only weak joke.

Ocean swimming. Of course, off the map.

Open door open ended; open store.

Opening act orchestra musicians out come,
out from under, out going, out of sight.

Owls hoot. Paradise now.

Past tense pecking order penetrating
intelligence; people watching.

Perfect pitch: performing cuckoo.

Personal defects: persuading genius;
petting pussy; phony culture.

Photo finish piano tuner:
picket fences picture painting.
Pitching fakes, plagiarizing error.

Plain speaking: play games;
playboys labor playing field.
Pleasure guides poison pen.

Police help shark bite victim.

Police reports police run down

Poor young women appeal to rich men;
pop music; private parts; pressure piss
production problems.

Public housing, public service, public
transport: pull aplenty.

Puppy love: punching bag puzzles author.
Question marks raising cane, ravel paper.

Real people reason wrong: reasonable doubt.

Relatives employ reform school rendering
men repairmen; fix racing horses; rescue

Reset button: rest assured.

Revolting behavior: rich deposits.

Right now, right whatever’s upside down.

Ring fingers risk insurance, road works
ahead; rogue editing root causes; rows the
oarsmen displayed.

Run home running still, sad sack.
Savage friendship: saving grace.
Savings account: score cards;
sculpture collects.

Second residence see saw.

Self help selective service selling
points: seedy fruit; send audiences
up service road.

Sex oils: shake well.

Sharp a writer’s pencil must be.

She understood codes; ship space;
short stocks.

Showers clean; shown up; shut out.

Sickening disease-sing song.

Sinking ships-skin tight.

Slow flow, slow motion; smart
appearances smashing lovers.
So long... social climbing.

Sole soul, solemn vows: solo singer.
Solving puzzles; something else.
Soul lost, sound off.

Space ship-sparkling personality;
special effects. Split second: spring
forward, fall back; sprinters time.

Stable horses stand tall, stare down;
staring down, starting gun: static levels;
steam heats: stealth communication.

Steel beams, stiletto heels stop time.
Store bought.

Straddle positions, strapping boy.
Stress I don’t. Strikingly stunning,
strike down. Stupid tricks.

Substitute teacher sucker punching.
Sudden trip, suddenly spring.
Swallow flies; swan dives; sweet
revenge: swindlers took thousands.

Switch hitter switching sides;
take home pay; take my wife.
Take no one grave lightly.

Tall tale teller tax bankrupts.

Teach rules: tell tale telling lies.

The biggest man on campus;
the buck stops here. Top hat. Theater
fan. The world we think of you.

Top spins.

Tunnel vision: two lovers reunite after
months on a beach, turning away; upset
stomach. Under pass.

Urgent care; vacation from work;
vending machines; venture capital;
very large light bulbs he could plant.

Volatile match: voodoo hoodoo water
buffalo waste industry.

Waterfalls water cooler watering hole
wear thin welcoming host.

What it takes. What’s what? Who’s first.
Who’s whose?

Wholesome; wide open; winning votes;
wiped out wishing well.

Wonton soup: working man, wounded
soldier seeks arms; wrench, a tool.

You send me zero tolerance-inspiring ideas;
pirate ships, roughly smooth; record players,

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