Two Poems by Abraheem Dittu

...the first of which is called Talk to me.
Running away builds character
Get out of here
You’re in an emotional state and I can’t even listen to you right now
Get yourself a pet
I had a fish
I was trying to remember the guy who played Tron
In the movie Tron
He even hates lasagna
Your honor I might suggest a spanking
Bruce Loxneiter
Stephanie you should have told me about the divorce

LA Girl.
She has her hair in a bandana
Rosie the riveteresque

Her voice crescendos from Reese Witherspoon
To dying ostrich
Rambling about tattoos

With some dude with wayfarers
Only slightly different from hers

Caught in a cloistered droste effect… II

On a deep maroon couch

Smiling oblivious
Posture affectless

Tight scarlet skin
Scintillating in the sun

Abraheem Dittu is a college student from Los Angeles who likes to do creative things.